Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Perfect Valentines - Part One

Valentines Day is a wonderful time of the year. Love is in the air, spring is around the corner, and many are well on their way to fulfilling their New Years resolutions.The best or worst part of most people's Valentines Day is choosing their loved one's the gift. For some people, finding something special for your significant other is simple, however, for others, this can be quite a daunting task. The one question I hear over and over again is: does the perfect Valentines Day gift exist? It does, thought the hard part might be finding it! Fear not, we are here for you in your time of need with these suggestions below. 

I am sure many of you are familiar with the phrase "analysis paralysis". This simple phrase merely means trying so hard to make a decision that you make none. When we get so caught up in trying to make the perfect decision that we don't make any decision we are then far worse off than if you had simply made a quick less than ideal, decision. With Valentines Day we have found that the longer you wait to make a decision on your gift of choice for the significant other the worse off you are going to be. Sure everyone thinks, "Hey it's still the first part the month so I still have plenty of time to make a decision! But restaurants only have so many seats, florists only have so many roses, and Hallmark only carries so many copies of that perfect card. 

While some gifts are appropriate for both sexes, there are usually two categories gift buying falls into. Men and women. I really don't know who has a harder time here. Guys say they never care what you get them. Women say all they want is to spend time with you when in actuality they want some flowers or chocolates. What does this all really mean? 

Let's take a look at some great gift ideas. 

Flowers - Flowers are mandatory for Valentines Day. The are, or should be, part of every man's repertoire. But what type of flower should you go with? The traditional red rose, tipped roses, or a custom bouquet? I personally recommend going with a custom bouquet. It lets your lady know you put some heart and soul into the decision. Find out the colors, flowers, or smells that she prefers and tailor make the bouquet just for her. Bonus points if your significant other is a gardener and you select a flowering bush that can then be planted and provides her flowers for years to come! Miniature rose bushes are perfect for these occasions! 

Chocolates - Every lady it seems has a love for chocolates unless she is on a diet of course. Now when I say they love chocolate, they may enjoy peanut butter cups or Hershey kisses for the day to day; but for a special occasion like Valentines Day go with something a bit more unique. There are chocolate covered fruits such as strawberries and bananas, chocolate covered truffles, or specialty chocolates filled with cremes and caramels. and many cities have unique craft chocolate companies where you can get personalized gifts. 

Jewelry - This might seem like a no-brainer, but most women love jewelry on Valentines Day. Jewelry however can be a slippery slope unless you know exactly what she wants. Everyone wants to go with diamonds and hearts, but you have to decide if those are really practical or her favorites. Will she wear heart earrings year round? Heart pendants are nice, but make sure they can stand up to being worn on a day to day basis. Rings are great, so see if you can get creative with those. There is pink gold, rubys, sapphires, opal inlays and many other stones that make for great looking rings. Also don't feel locked in to only gold. Alternative metals such as tungsten, cobalt chrome, and ceramic rings can create some amazing pieces as well. Many people love the look and durability of these rings as well. 

Meals - Everyone loves a great restaurant meal. Now the difficult part is choosing where to go. Some women prefer beer and burgers to wine and pasta. But on Valentines, we recommend going bigger and better if possible. This is not the holiday for Chinese take-out unless that is her love language. This requires you to know your date/girlfriend/wife's specialty tastes. If you aren't sure err on the side of fancy and make sure to get the reservations in early and let your date know what to wear. You don't want her to show up in jeans and a tank top when you are planning on eating at a fine dining establishment. The best part is not having to clean up after yourself in the kitchen! Take the time to enjoy some pampering for you both as you indulge in the delicious tastes of the holiday! 

Stay tuned for Part 2 - Valentines Day - Part Two!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year! Here's to 2017!

Happy New Year to all from Unique Tungsten Rings! It’s now the day after New Year’s, all the champagne has been finished, the balloons and streamers put away and for most of us, the holidays have come to a close. As the second day of a new year, January 2nd is one of the most popular days for either starting or breaking a New Year’s resolution. 

Will you be as strong as tungsten and hold firm to your goals for the new year? Whether it’s your second go around with the same resolution from last year or you’ve been on a roll crossing off resolutions year after year, we can all relate with some of the more popular resolutions made each New Year’s Eve. 

Here’s a list of some of the more popular resolutions, maybe even a few we are working on around here:

Treadmill Running

Work Out Everyday 

Everyone knows the gym is packed today. New memberships are sky high on the day after New Year’s and understandably so. But every year the crowd seems to thin out and there’s an extra treadmill or two. Then come March and April and the crowds thin dramatically. If this is you, you’re not alone. You probably even have a close friend in the same boat, get them to push you and vice versa. The gym is always better with a friend anyways and you’re less likely to drop out when someone’s sweating it out with you. Find a workout buddy to stick with your workout goals longer.

Lose Weight/Diet 

This sometimes goes hand and hand with the gym, but maybe you just want to eat better in general. Whether it is a few pounds or many, it’s never easy to stick with. There’s still holiday food circling the office here, so we know it is tough for you too. Maybe it is time to put those sweets away now that the family is gone and get back to more veggies and green stuff. We’re right behind you… just one last cookie first!

One Last Cookie

Quit Smoking 

Another tough one and probably the most common resolution along with losing weight. No easy tips for this one, you just have to go for it. And if you are quitting smoking and resolving to go to the gym more, not smoking can only help your treadmill times, right? Our advice is to get a support group, get a buddy, get an accountability friend, and find your reason for quitting. 

Any others? What resolutions do you have this New Year? And are you still keeping to them? It’s never too late to make a resolution and it’s still too early to quit! 

Happy New Year and here’s to keeping all your resolutions in 2017!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Tips for Matching Your Wedding Jewelry to your Wedding Hairstyle

When considering a bridal hairstyle for your big day, you should make sure that your hair matches your dress; and also that it works with the jewelry you’re planning to wear. Not only does this perfect your bridal look but it helps to make your jewelry choices even more striking. The ring hairstyle and matching jewelry together make a stunning statement and will enhance the beauty of you and your dress on your special day. 

Match Your Metals

If you’re wearing a bridal hair accessory, such as a tiara or a sparkly hair clip, you need to be sure that it doesn’t clash with the metals in the rest of your jewelry. Try to match the metals that you are wearing so that your overall look is sophisticated and polished. If you are wearing silver or platinum rings that work wonderfully with your ivory bridal gown, you might put your gorgeous look in jeopardy by flashing a bright gold hair accessory.
However, there is still room for creativity. Silver and platinum work well together, and both look dazzling with diamonds While the various types and colors of gold look great together. Rose gold is often a safe choice as it can be a complimentary color to all the other metals, looking especially striking when teamed up with yellow gold or can bringing warmth to platinum. If you have pearls included in your jewelry, matching pearls with your hair accessory looks exquisite.

Choose Flowers According to Your Jewelry

Wearing flowers in your hair is big a bridal fashion trend this year. Large white flowers can be elegant while smaller colorful flowers add romance and whimsy to bridal hairstyles. Some great ideas include clipping small flowers or baby’s breath into braids and plaits, or clasping a larger flower on the side of your head and wearing your hair in a sophisticated bun. Consider your jewelry before picking out flowers for maximum effect.
White flowers look opulent when set against diamonds and silver; while yellow tones complement gold jewelry. Gemstones come to life when you are wearing colorful flowers. Try to stick to the similar shades of same color, though. If the gemstones on your ring are rubies or sapphires, try wearing the same colors of flowers in your hair.

Show off Your Jewels

You don’t want your hairstyle to get in the way of your beautiful jewelry making a statement for you, so consider wearing your hair over a shoulder in a side-swept style if you want to show off earrings and necklace statement pieces. A half up-do also works well for this look. 
If you want to have your hair down instead of up, opt for having sections in front pulled away from your face to display your jewelry while still enjoying a long look at the back. You could create plaits in front that are then pulled back around your hair or have pieces in front volumized and back-combed and accented with a jeweled clip.

What’s Your Style?

Bridal hairstyles should complement the style of jewelry worn together otherwise the overall look risks looking awkward. If your hairstyle is trendy with a voluminous side-swept ponytail or messy bun, you don’t want jewelry that is too demure or classic. Rather choose a piece or two to bring in that modern flavour. Examples include decorative pendants or bohemian-inspired jewellery. On the other hand, a Grace Kelly hairstyle will look great when teamed with a vintage ring or hair accessory. Consider the style and era of your jewelry and then find hairstyles to make a stunning match with it.
By making sure your hair complements your jewelry, all the elements of your appearance will come together to make you a stunning bride.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Keeping Your Wedding Band Looking Good As New!

Your wedding band is a symbol of your everlasting committment, take care of it, ensuring your treasure lasts with these tips for keeping your ring looking tip top.
“You’ve Got to Take It Off Every Now and Then.” (Always Sunny, anyone?)
But your wedding ring is sparkly! How can you stand to take it off? 
Nevertheless, there are certain activities that aren’t conducive to shiny-ring wearing. Remove your ring when you are:
  • Gardening — Play in the dirt without getting your favorite ring dirty,
  • Cleaning — If you’re using harsh chemicals, it’s best to take off your ring and put it in a safe place (we’ll come back to that in a minute).
  • Cooking — It isn’t the end of the world, but getting hot oil, garlic, and sauce on your wedding ring is less than ideal.
  • Working Out — Before you pick up that dumbbell, take a minute to remove your ring. You don’t want to scratch your piece.

Keep The Beauty Products Away From Your Ring

Lotion, sunscreen, perfume, and other beauty products can actually do some serious damage to your wedding ring. These chemical-containing lotions and potions can actually alter the look of your diamond and accidentally etch colored stones. So take them off before application and wait until they’ve been fully absorbed into the skin before putting your ring back on.

Have a Designated Spot For Your Ring

It’s a good idea to have a “special place” for your ring. This will help you keep track of it and keep pets, kids, and absent-minded husbands from picking it up or sweeping it into the trash with the junk mail (every ring-wearing lady’s nightmare).
Avoid the temptation of “just putting it on the counter” for convenience sake. If you’re worried about time, perhaps you could have two spots: a little bowl on the window sill and a little jewelry holder in either your bedroom or bathroom. This will lessen the likelihood of your ring being damaged or lost.

Have It Professionally Cleaned

Many jewelers will professionally clean your ring free of charge, so take advantage of this awesome service. Opt to do it once or twice a year, and you’ll keep your heirloom looking wonderful for years to come.

Have a Backup Ring For Some Occasions

It’s good to have a pretty, less expensive “wedding ring” for times when you’re worried about losing it. You can get one from your preferred jeweler or even online from a marketplace. (In fact, many companies are even having Holiday Sales right now!)
When might this be a good option?
There are many times examples that come to mind. If you are traveling out of the country on a budget and couch surfing in Europe, it might be wise to take a good looking “fake” with you. Or if you’re heading on a hiking trip, bring your budget ring. You’ll stress less and sleep well knowing it’s safe at home.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Amazing Hawaiian Koa Tree - Wooden Inlay Ring

The legendary Koa wood, native to the islands of Hawaii, has honored heritage, is highly revered and considered sacred. The beautiful grain of the wood is renowned for Tits deep, rich colors and varied patterns. The prized Koa wood is an ancient symbol of wisdom and strength with rich history surrounding the origin of this mighty breed of tree. Although no-one actually knows exactly where the Koa tree comes from, it is most conceivable that it could have sprouted from the lava of erupting volcanoes on the islands. It is amazing to think that a lone Koa seed erupted into a forest of trees that canopied the islands, becoming a lifeline for human inhabitants and the ecosystem and providing sophisticated culture and prosperity to the native settlers. A fact that is known is that the Koa tree does not grow naturally anywhere else on the earth outside Hawaii.


During the time of King Kamehameha The Great, weapons and canoes were created from the wood of the Koa trees proliferating on Big Island at the time. In the Hawaiian language, the word Koa means warrior and the wood from the trees used by these warriors became synonymous with those warriors and was called “koa”. During the late 1700s King Kamehameha traveled up through the Hawaiian island chain with his warriors and united all the islands under his rule. There is no doubt about the significance that Koa wood played in this great quest by the king to bring the islands together.


The wood from the rare Koa tree with its unique variety in the grain is highly sought after by manufacturers of wooden articles and jewelry. Due to its exclusive location (Koa trees do not grow naturally anywhere else in the world) Koa wood has become one of the most expensive woods in the world. Because of the beauty of the wood of these trees, they were in danger of being over harvested and have been devastated by cattle and development , however, they have never been in danger of becoming extinct. Nevertheless, it has become illegal to harvest the wood by cutting down the trees and Koa wood may only be procured from previously dead and fallen trees. Landowners and the State of Hawaii are extremely strict regarding the harvesting of Koa wood and adopt self-regulation as standard practice.


Very large Koa trees can grow up to a few hundred feet with diameters of over ten feet with a lifespan of 50 – 80 years. Koa wood has been categorized into three grades by the wood market according to its unique characteristics:
1.Select Grade Koa – straight grain with a rich color
2.Curly Grade Koa – variable grain with a wavy texture and rich colors with 3d highlights
3.Premium Grade Curly Koa (or Tiger Koa) – extreme color with translucent tones and 3d highlights
Koa wood has become extremely coveted for its unsurpassed quality and beauty of its unique grain. The curly grade wood has become tremendously popular for use as inlays in jewelry such as Koa and titanium rings as they display variable texture in the grain and amazing 3d color. Our Koa wood rings are one-of-a-kind as they reflect the unique characteristics of the particular tree and the environment it was harvested from. Ownership of a Koa wood ring and knowledge of the importance and history of the characteristics of the wood inlay will reflect your unique personality and distinctive taste.
We would like you to be truly satisfied with your purchase and therefore all our collections carry a satisfaction guarantee. You can see more styles of this beautiful wood in our rings here: http://uniquetungstenrings.com/search.php?search_query=koa&x=0&y=0