Saturday, January 25, 2014

6 Fun Ways To Celebrate Your Engagement

Congratulations on your engagement! Now’s a time to celebrate and share your love for one another with the world. Here’s six wonderful ways to celebrate your engagement…

Go On A Romantic Date
As much as you no doubt want to celebrate with everyone you know, one of the most beautiful things to do after getting engaged is to go on a romantic date with your fiancĂ©. I suggest a meal at a fancy restaurant, it’s great because the two of you get some time alone to appreciate each other and your new found joy.

You could even try taking a trip down memory lane and recreating your first date - how romantic! It’s nice to be reminded just how far you’ve come and see where you started off.

Go On A Romantic Getaway
If you wanted to take spending time together to celebrate to a whole new level then going on a romantic getaway is perfect. It can be like your engagement honeymoon! Whether you go away for a weekend or go all out and take a few weeks away it’s a fantastic way to celebrate. It gives you and your partner time to soak up being engaged (it takes a little time to sink in, trust me!) and is a great way to peek into the future. It’ll be just the two of you, just like it will be from here on out.

Tell Everyone!
We know you’re going to do this one eventually anyway but it’s still a great way to celebrate. There are few feelings better than announcing to all your friends and family (and anyone else you know!) that you’re engaged. Whether you choose to do it in person, over the phone, via Facebook or any other social network it’s an amazing feeling. Just be sure you let those closest to you (e.g parents, grandparents etc) know first, you don’t want them finding out off of anyone other than you. 

Organize A Photo Shoot
Getting engaged is a memorable time of your life, it’s something that will stay with you forever. For a lot of us, it’s the most important moment of out life up until then too. What could be better than organizing a photo shoot to help capture everything you’re feeling and immortalize this memorable time? A professional photo shoot for you and your new fiancĂ©  is a perfect way to celebrate. It not only helps to preserve your love in a picture but it will be fun for both of you too! Plus, you could even use the photos to announce your engagement over the internet, as holiday cards, gifts or even on your wedding invites.

Throw A Party
Is there any better way to celebrate than to throw a party with all your friends a family? Getting engaged isn’t just something for the happy couple to celebrate, it’s for everyone. Everyone will want to share there congratulations and a party is the perfect place for everyone to get together and do so. If it hasn’t already happened, it’s also an opportunity for the two families to meet too.

Break Out The Bubbly
And last but not least, break out the bubbly! A bottle of champagne or your favorite wine will go down nicely right about now.


Thursday, January 23, 2014

5 Things To Know About Wood Inlay Rings

Long gone are the days when wedding bands were made solely of gold. Now they come in all shapes and sizes and are made or a variety of meterials - platinum, tungsten, titanium, zirconium, wood and much more.

Wait…wood? Yes, you read that right, wood! Wooden rings, especially metal rings with a wooden inlay, are fast gaining popularity. Here’s five things to know about wood inlay rings and why they’re becoming ever more popular...

No Two Are Alike
If you’re looking for a completely unique wedding ring then choosing one with a wood inlay could be for you. Saying as no tree is the same, so is true of the wood used in these beautiful rings. Even ones made of the same wood each have their own unique, distinctive pattern.

They Come In A Wide Variety Of Colors
Unlike when you choose a plain gold ring, you’re not restricted to just three colors. The wood in these rings comes from a variety of different trees so there are very few colors you can’t purchase. You could choose from the gorgeous pale red of rosewood, the darkness of black walnut or the natural beauty of oak. As I mentioned before, no two are the same either. Even rings made from the same wood can vary in color and pattern.

It’s Better To Have Wood Inlay Than Just Wood
As you can imagine, wood isn’t the most durable substance out there. It’s because of this that, if you want a ring that will last, you’re better off going for a wood inlay band than a plain wood one. The wood in wood inlay bands is set horizontally so it has a strip of metal on either side of it, this means that the ring can take more wear and is more durable than it would be otherwise. Essentially, the metal protects it. Any metal will help to some degree but, if you truly want strength, then your best choice is a tungsten band with wood inlay.

They Can’t Be Sized
As with everything, there is a downside to buying a wood inlay ring, namely that they can’t be sized. Should your ring size change a little way down the line, you won’t be able to get it made either bigger or smaller. That is why it is important to make sure your ring includes a lifetime replacement guarantee when buying your ring. You won't need to worry about any changes on your ring finger size should you choose to shop with, since all of their rings include a free lifetime manufacturer's warranty and free lifetime size exchanges.

Take Care Of Them
While you’d no doubt look after a metal ring, wood inlay rings need that little bit extra care to stay in the best possible condition. It’s recommended take your ring off before exposing it to water (however mild hand washing is okay), any harsh chemicals, activities which may risk knocking it or using cosmetics such as lotions and creams. You’ll also need to have the wood re-finished from time to time.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Tips For Wedding Reception Planning

It can be hard to know where to start when planning a wedding reception. There’s so much to do - organize food, a band, find a venue, decide upon a seating plan and so many more things it’s easy to forget something here and there. Here’s a few vital tips for planning your reception and ensuring things go smoothly on the big day…

Booking The Venue
Choosing a venue depends on many things - the theme you’re having, it’s location in relevance to the ceremony, the number of guests you’re inviting, the food you want to serve etc. To help you along, here’s some important questions to ask any perspective venue before you sign on the dotted line…

Do they have an in-house caterer or will you have to hire one?
Are you allowed to move furniture around to suit your needs?
What kind of confetti or favors does the venue allow, if any?
Does it cater for the disabled?
Are there any restrictions on types of decorations (e.g. candles) and where they can be placed?
Are there adequate parking facilities and can guests leave their cars overnight?
Can the venue confirm the arrangements in writing?

Planning The Food

What food you choose to serve at your reception and how you choose to serve it often depends on the time of day your receptions occurs. Evening receptions often call for sit down meals but for early afternoon receptions it’s acceptable to serve a buffet.

Don’t let yourself be ruled by what is and isn’t common practice however. Serving snack foods and buffets is much cheaper than serving a three course meal and often it will appeal to a wider selection of guests, particularly if there’s some fussy eaters among them. It’s also worth considering what feel you want your reception to have. Do you want the formality of a sit down meal or would you like it to be relaxed? Sit down and work the meal into your budget before you decide for sure and also look closely at what meal options your venue has on offer and how many people you’ve invited.

Remember To Coordinate With The Band

Something people often forget to do when planning their reception is to coordinate with the band. They’ll remember to book one and they’ll give them a rough idea of what music to play but often the order of the music might as well be left to chance. It’s becoming less and less common for the bride and groom’s first dance to take place as they enter the reception but, if you want this, be sure to let the band know so they can be ready for you entering. It’s wise to let the band know what your meal plans are too and what the dancing arrangements will be throughout. If you’re having a sit down meal you could have dancing between courses or wait until the meal is over but either way the band needs to know.

These may seem like just a fews simple tips but, on the big day, they’ll make all the difference. It’s not worth leaving anything to chance so ask as many questions as you possibly can to your venue, band, caterer and anyone else who may be involved. Don’t worry about seeming too pushy or demanding, they’re in the business of weddings so no doubt they’re used to it and even expect it. Plan like crazy before the wedding but, when the day finally arrives, let all your stress go and remember to enjoy yourself. Good luck!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Wedding Dress Fashion Trends For 2014

While wedding dresses are still predominantly white, each year brings us a new styles of wedding dresses as fashion trends develop. Often wedding dress styles either reflect a current fashion trend or they follow traditional values, it’s entirely down  the brides personal tastes as to what she’ll choose. That’s not to say that some dresses don’t mix current and traditional styles, many do, and often this creates the most beautiful and unique dresses available.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at what 2014 has to offer us dress-wise

Reem Acra via WWD.
Sheer Fabric
2013 saw sheer fabric become more popular than ever with celebrities and the general public alike. We saw countless dresses where midriffs, sides and shoulders had been cut out and replaced with a sheer fabric and it seems 2014 is likely to take this trend one step further and bring it to our wedding dresses. Some of the results are absolutely breathtaking, especially when shoulders and straps are replaced with a sweeping sheer (and often patterned) fabric. It creates an illusion capable of illuminating any bride.

Beading and Decoration
Beading and decoration have been a popular accessory for wedding dresses for countless years, but recent years have seen the trend laying low. 2014 is set to bring the style back into the spotlight. Already designers like Reem Acra have showcased such dresses on the catwalk and with so many options for decoration like flowers, art deco beading, glitter and ribbons we can’t see why they wouldn’t! It’s a great and simple way to show off a bride’s personality with a dress.

Lace Jacket Designer

Short and Sweet
Who says wedding dresses have to be floor length? It’s a myth! Wedding dresses can be as short or long as you desire and 2014 is proving that as more and more designers are showcasing their above the knee masterpieces. These dresses are fashionable, allow you to show off your gorgeous legs and give you plenty of freedom on you big day. You’ll be able to dance effortlessly in a shorter dress while still looking angelic.

Bold and Unusual Colors
It’s time to bust another wedding myth and it’s that wedding dresses have to be white. Correction - they can be any color you want! Red, blue, black, pink, there’s no color you can’t have. Anne Hathaway and Jessica Biel both got married in bold colors, sparking the trend. Designers are now bringing out a range of dresses to suit this style, some are all an unusual color and others mix white with another color (perhaps with a sash or a different colored top half for example) but all are worth a look.

1920s Style
The release of The Great Gatsby in 2013 has thrust 1920s fashion trends into the spotlight. Think beading, open backs, sweeping shoulders, patterned fabrics and countless accessories - in other words, all the things we love! These 1920s style dresses that are being created bring together the best of tradition and the best of fashion, creating timeless gowns.

2014 is set to be an exciting year for the wedding dress market. If you can, we recommend having a look at one of the many fashion shows that will be showcasing these wonderful gowns. Some of the dresses are breathtaking! The best tip we have when it comes to choosing a dress however is to try them all on. It’ll help you decide exactly what suits you and you’ll have loads of fun while doing it!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

5 Things To Consider When Shopping For a Wedding Ring

Congratulations, you’re getting married! Everything for you special day is no doubt falling into place - the flowers, the venue, the cake - and now it’s time for you and your partner to choose a ring. While everything else for the wedding lasts only one day, your wedding rings will be with you for the rest of your life so it’s important you choose wisely. There’s some vital dos and don’t to consider when picking one, things you may not have thought of having likely not done this before, so pay close attention.

Do  - Learn About The Different Types Of Metals
Knowing about different metals will make all the difference when choosing a ring. While gold is a precious metal and greatly desired, it may not be the best choice for you. If you do a lot of physical work perhaps you’d be better with a stronger, less wearing metal such as tungsten. If you do go for gold, what carat do you want? Do you know the difference between platinum and white gold? Do your research on various metals before you buy a ring and suit the ring to your daily life. Ask the jeweler any questions you may have if you’re still unsure too.

Don’t - Rush Into It
Choosing a wedding ring isn’t just a one day affair. It doesn’t have to take up big chunks of your time but it is something both you and your partner should invest time in to. As I mentioned before, your wedding rings will be on your finger for life so there’s no sense in rushing into it and picking one you only ‘like’. Hold out for a one that leaves you speechless, even if you risk only buying it a week before the wedding. It’ll be worth it.

Don’t - Think You’re Limited To What’s In The Store
Just because a shop, or even a selection of shops, you visit only has certain styles don’t think that’s all anyone has to offer. Ask the shop assistant if they have a catalogue you can look at to get more ideas. If they do, make sure they’ll let you order any rings you like with no obligation to buy (this all comes back to trying them on), any good jeweler will allow this. Some jewelers will even offer a service to custom make a ring for you, say perhaps if you know the style you want but it doesn’t come in a certain metal. It’s always worth asking these questions.

Do - Match The Style Of The Engagement Ring
The bride’s wedding band should match her engagement ring, or at least look somewhat similar. They’ll be sitting side by side on her finger and it may look odd having two different metals, varying band widths etc. The two rings should look as though they belong together.

Do - Know Your Size
This one’s obvious but immensely important. Don’t buy a ring without having your ring finger sized by a professional jeweler first, especially if you’re buying online. This will save you time & unnecessary charges (ex. restock fees, mailing fees, etc), if your new ring doesn't fit properly. If you're not sure about something just ask before buying to make informed decisions.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Fashion Trends For Grooms in 2014

Google fashion trends for brides in the New Year, and you’ll be overwhelmed with results, and rightly so, but what about the boys?  Today, men are getting some attention in the realm of wedding fashion, too, and looking stunningly good isn’t just a girl thing anymore. Here are some of the trends in fashion that are certain to have grooms turning as many heads as their brides in 2014:

Double Breasted Blazers 
A lot of grooms are choosing to bring the debonair, vintage looks of the double breasted jacket back to the alter this season.  Handsome, classic, and offering up characteristic style savvy that women are certain to swoon for, double breasted tux jackets or blazers with solid colored slacks are all the rage right now.  They can be purchased with traditional or high collars and their fitted styles are starkly and stunningly handsome, making for gorgeous photos that the couple will be proud to look back at for a lifetime.

Patterns Worked Subtly into the Wardrobe of the Day
A floral tie, a camouflage handkerchief, a collar with tropic flair or polka dot cuffs add some fun and whimsy to the even the straightest-laced wedding attire choices, and allow grooms to show off a bit of personality on their big days.  

Socks that Rock
A continuing fashion trend that is just plain fun, socks simply aren’t to be overlooked on the wedding day.  Forget traditional black, the grooms of 2014 will choose brightly colored stripes and other patterns to add some character and style to their ensembles, and show a bit of brotherly unity for the club that composes the male side of the wedding party. A specific pattern of wild socks worn by every groomsman, the best man, and even the bride’s dad give a nod to male bonding in the marital trenches. Patterns are chosen based on the character and interests of the groom, i.e. navy polka dots for sailors, hot pink and white stripes for those involved in the breast cancer awareness movement, and brilliant orange for grooms born near the end of October.

Black Wedding Bands
Inexpensive, strong, and undoubtedly masculine, black wedding bands are all the rage in wedding jewelry right now.  They offer up timeless good looks and are nothing short of unique, making them a favorite with men around the globe.

Shades with Mirrored Lenses
Another great way to add some fun to the ceremony, sunglasses with mirrored lenses are popping up literally everywhere, and will be especially popular in outdoor weddings.  Don’t be surprised if the groomsmen get in on the action with this fashion trend, too, as cool can’t be contained to the person of the groom!  Mirrored sunglasses will also go well with a new trend in wedding photos: showing off the bride’s image in her man’s shades.

Headed to a wedding in 2014?  Look around for these fabulous fashion trends that are certain to garner some attention and make every wedding that incorporates them even more fun and beautiful!