Saturday, January 25, 2014

6 Fun Ways To Celebrate Your Engagement

Congratulations on your engagement! Now’s a time to celebrate and share your love for one another with the world. Here’s six wonderful ways to celebrate your engagement…

Go On A Romantic Date
As much as you no doubt want to celebrate with everyone you know, one of the most beautiful things to do after getting engaged is to go on a romantic date with your fiancé. I suggest a meal at a fancy restaurant, it’s great because the two of you get some time alone to appreciate each other and your new found joy.

You could even try taking a trip down memory lane and recreating your first date - how romantic! It’s nice to be reminded just how far you’ve come and see where you started off.

Go On A Romantic Getaway
If you wanted to take spending time together to celebrate to a whole new level then going on a romantic getaway is perfect. It can be like your engagement honeymoon! Whether you go away for a weekend or go all out and take a few weeks away it’s a fantastic way to celebrate. It gives you and your partner time to soak up being engaged (it takes a little time to sink in, trust me!) and is a great way to peek into the future. It’ll be just the two of you, just like it will be from here on out.

Tell Everyone!
We know you’re going to do this one eventually anyway but it’s still a great way to celebrate. There are few feelings better than announcing to all your friends and family (and anyone else you know!) that you’re engaged. Whether you choose to do it in person, over the phone, via Facebook or any other social network it’s an amazing feeling. Just be sure you let those closest to you (e.g parents, grandparents etc) know first, you don’t want them finding out off of anyone other than you. 

Organize A Photo Shoot
Getting engaged is a memorable time of your life, it’s something that will stay with you forever. For a lot of us, it’s the most important moment of out life up until then too. What could be better than organizing a photo shoot to help capture everything you’re feeling and immortalize this memorable time? A professional photo shoot for you and your new fiancé  is a perfect way to celebrate. It not only helps to preserve your love in a picture but it will be fun for both of you too! Plus, you could even use the photos to announce your engagement over the internet, as holiday cards, gifts or even on your wedding invites.

Throw A Party
Is there any better way to celebrate than to throw a party with all your friends a family? Getting engaged isn’t just something for the happy couple to celebrate, it’s for everyone. Everyone will want to share there congratulations and a party is the perfect place for everyone to get together and do so. If it hasn’t already happened, it’s also an opportunity for the two families to meet too.

Break Out The Bubbly
And last but not least, break out the bubbly! A bottle of champagne or your favorite wine will go down nicely right about now.


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