Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Fashion Trends For Grooms in 2014

Google fashion trends for brides in the New Year, and you’ll be overwhelmed with results, and rightly so, but what about the boys?  Today, men are getting some attention in the realm of wedding fashion, too, and looking stunningly good isn’t just a girl thing anymore. Here are some of the trends in fashion that are certain to have grooms turning as many heads as their brides in 2014:

Double Breasted Blazers 
A lot of grooms are choosing to bring the debonair, vintage looks of the double breasted jacket back to the alter this season.  Handsome, classic, and offering up characteristic style savvy that women are certain to swoon for, double breasted tux jackets or blazers with solid colored slacks are all the rage right now.  They can be purchased with traditional or high collars and their fitted styles are starkly and stunningly handsome, making for gorgeous photos that the couple will be proud to look back at for a lifetime.

Patterns Worked Subtly into the Wardrobe of the Day
A floral tie, a camouflage handkerchief, a collar with tropic flair or polka dot cuffs add some fun and whimsy to the even the straightest-laced wedding attire choices, and allow grooms to show off a bit of personality on their big days.  

Socks that Rock
A continuing fashion trend that is just plain fun, socks simply aren’t to be overlooked on the wedding day.  Forget traditional black, the grooms of 2014 will choose brightly colored stripes and other patterns to add some character and style to their ensembles, and show a bit of brotherly unity for the club that composes the male side of the wedding party. A specific pattern of wild socks worn by every groomsman, the best man, and even the bride’s dad give a nod to male bonding in the marital trenches. Patterns are chosen based on the character and interests of the groom, i.e. navy polka dots for sailors, hot pink and white stripes for those involved in the breast cancer awareness movement, and brilliant orange for grooms born near the end of October.

Black Wedding Bands
Inexpensive, strong, and undoubtedly masculine, black wedding bands are all the rage in wedding jewelry right now.  They offer up timeless good looks and are nothing short of unique, making them a favorite with men around the globe.

Shades with Mirrored Lenses
Another great way to add some fun to the ceremony, sunglasses with mirrored lenses are popping up literally everywhere, and will be especially popular in outdoor weddings.  Don’t be surprised if the groomsmen get in on the action with this fashion trend, too, as cool can’t be contained to the person of the groom!  Mirrored sunglasses will also go well with a new trend in wedding photos: showing off the bride’s image in her man’s shades.

Headed to a wedding in 2014?  Look around for these fabulous fashion trends that are certain to garner some attention and make every wedding that incorporates them even more fun and beautiful!

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