Thursday, January 23, 2014

5 Things To Know About Wood Inlay Rings

Long gone are the days when wedding bands were made solely of gold. Now they come in all shapes and sizes and are made or a variety of meterials - platinum, tungsten, titanium, zirconium, wood and much more.

Wait…wood? Yes, you read that right, wood! Wooden rings, especially metal rings with a wooden inlay, are fast gaining popularity. Here’s five things to know about wood inlay rings and why they’re becoming ever more popular...

No Two Are Alike
If you’re looking for a completely unique wedding ring then choosing one with a wood inlay could be for you. Saying as no tree is the same, so is true of the wood used in these beautiful rings. Even ones made of the same wood each have their own unique, distinctive pattern.

They Come In A Wide Variety Of Colors
Unlike when you choose a plain gold ring, you’re not restricted to just three colors. The wood in these rings comes from a variety of different trees so there are very few colors you can’t purchase. You could choose from the gorgeous pale red of rosewood, the darkness of black walnut or the natural beauty of oak. As I mentioned before, no two are the same either. Even rings made from the same wood can vary in color and pattern.

It’s Better To Have Wood Inlay Than Just Wood
As you can imagine, wood isn’t the most durable substance out there. It’s because of this that, if you want a ring that will last, you’re better off going for a wood inlay band than a plain wood one. The wood in wood inlay bands is set horizontally so it has a strip of metal on either side of it, this means that the ring can take more wear and is more durable than it would be otherwise. Essentially, the metal protects it. Any metal will help to some degree but, if you truly want strength, then your best choice is a tungsten band with wood inlay.

They Can’t Be Sized
As with everything, there is a downside to buying a wood inlay ring, namely that they can’t be sized. Should your ring size change a little way down the line, you won’t be able to get it made either bigger or smaller. That is why it is important to make sure your ring includes a lifetime replacement guarantee when buying your ring. You won't need to worry about any changes on your ring finger size should you choose to shop with, since all of their rings include a free lifetime manufacturer's warranty and free lifetime size exchanges.

Take Care Of Them
While you’d no doubt look after a metal ring, wood inlay rings need that little bit extra care to stay in the best possible condition. It’s recommended take your ring off before exposing it to water (however mild hand washing is okay), any harsh chemicals, activities which may risk knocking it or using cosmetics such as lotions and creams. You’ll also need to have the wood re-finished from time to time.

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