Saturday, January 11, 2014

Wedding Dress Fashion Trends For 2014

While wedding dresses are still predominantly white, each year brings us a new styles of wedding dresses as fashion trends develop. Often wedding dress styles either reflect a current fashion trend or they follow traditional values, it’s entirely down  the brides personal tastes as to what she’ll choose. That’s not to say that some dresses don’t mix current and traditional styles, many do, and often this creates the most beautiful and unique dresses available.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at what 2014 has to offer us dress-wise

Reem Acra via WWD.
Sheer Fabric
2013 saw sheer fabric become more popular than ever with celebrities and the general public alike. We saw countless dresses where midriffs, sides and shoulders had been cut out and replaced with a sheer fabric and it seems 2014 is likely to take this trend one step further and bring it to our wedding dresses. Some of the results are absolutely breathtaking, especially when shoulders and straps are replaced with a sweeping sheer (and often patterned) fabric. It creates an illusion capable of illuminating any bride.

Beading and Decoration
Beading and decoration have been a popular accessory for wedding dresses for countless years, but recent years have seen the trend laying low. 2014 is set to bring the style back into the spotlight. Already designers like Reem Acra have showcased such dresses on the catwalk and with so many options for decoration like flowers, art deco beading, glitter and ribbons we can’t see why they wouldn’t! It’s a great and simple way to show off a bride’s personality with a dress.

Lace Jacket Designer

Short and Sweet
Who says wedding dresses have to be floor length? It’s a myth! Wedding dresses can be as short or long as you desire and 2014 is proving that as more and more designers are showcasing their above the knee masterpieces. These dresses are fashionable, allow you to show off your gorgeous legs and give you plenty of freedom on you big day. You’ll be able to dance effortlessly in a shorter dress while still looking angelic.

Bold and Unusual Colors
It’s time to bust another wedding myth and it’s that wedding dresses have to be white. Correction - they can be any color you want! Red, blue, black, pink, there’s no color you can’t have. Anne Hathaway and Jessica Biel both got married in bold colors, sparking the trend. Designers are now bringing out a range of dresses to suit this style, some are all an unusual color and others mix white with another color (perhaps with a sash or a different colored top half for example) but all are worth a look.

1920s Style
The release of The Great Gatsby in 2013 has thrust 1920s fashion trends into the spotlight. Think beading, open backs, sweeping shoulders, patterned fabrics and countless accessories - in other words, all the things we love! These 1920s style dresses that are being created bring together the best of tradition and the best of fashion, creating timeless gowns.

2014 is set to be an exciting year for the wedding dress market. If you can, we recommend having a look at one of the many fashion shows that will be showcasing these wonderful gowns. Some of the dresses are breathtaking! The best tip we have when it comes to choosing a dress however is to try them all on. It’ll help you decide exactly what suits you and you’ll have loads of fun while doing it!

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