Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Advantages Of Tungsten Wedding Bands Over Other Kinds Of Wedding Rings

Whenever you go to a jeweler, you will notice that a new material is hailed as the best of the best. Once upon a time, wedding rings were made out of gold, but we have soon switched from that to stainless steel, to platinum, to titanium and now to tungsten. Tungsten is said to be the hardest material on the planet, which leaves the rings fully scratch resistant. Indeed, the only material that is as resistant to scratches as tungsten is diamond. Let's take a look at the advantages of tungsten wedding bands over other kinds of wedding rings.

1 - Durability
The main advantage of tungsten carbide is that they are so durable. They won't scratch and fading is minimal, although this depends on whether cobalt or nickel has been used in the finishing of the ring. Indeed, tungsten wedding rings can become true family heirlooms, being passed down from generation to generation.

"In terms of durability tungsten carbide rings are top notch. Tungsten carbide is roughly 10 times stronger than gold and 4 times stronger than titanium."

2 - Safety

Because the rings are so strong, people worry about whether or not the ring could be cut should they ever have a medical emergency, or if they put on a lot of weight and the ring becomes stuck. However, for all its strength, it can still be cut. Additionally, because of its durability, it won't change shape as a gold band can do, which means that it also won't put pressure on your fingers. As such, it is a safer option as well.

"Tungsten carbide wedding bands are much safer than bands made from other metals. Tungsten bands do not bend. So in a critical moment the band will break in many pieces without harming a finger."

Therefore, the myth that you would have to have your finger removed in case of an emergency is completely untrue.

3 - Cheap Maintenance

If you have any jewelry at present that isn't made from tungsten, you will know that you have to spend money on maintaining it. If you don't regularly have it polished and cleaned, it will start to lose its shine and it won't look as nice as what it really could. Tungsten, on the other hand, never loses its shine.

"Tungsten bands do not lose their shine, once they are polished and remain brilliant and sparkling for a long time. As tungsten rings stay the same for a long time, many people opt for them as their wedding rings because it symbolizes the marriage vows of long-lasting love and devotion between the husband and wife."

It should be clear why people are choosing to wear tungsten rings nowadays. It is also a myth that they are only suitable for men due to their rugged look and material. The designs are incredibly beautiful and can be created for men and women alike. They can also have additional materials included to give certain details, including precious gems or entire bands of other materials. As such, they can be made in such a way that is unique and special to you. 

Most agree that tungsten really is the most appropriate material to demonstrate the love between two people. The only material that may be better is a diamond, but it is not possible to make a ring solely of diamonds. Instead, you could decide to have a diamond fitted on a tungsten ring, which is particularly suitable for women. That way, the couple can wear a matching set, one with diamond and one without. The rings will last forever, as will your love for each other.

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