Monday, March 24, 2014

Various Styles Of Tungsten Wedding Bands

When Tungsten wedding bands were first released, they were generally very simple band designs, without any specific details. However, as their popularity has grown, demands on design has grown as well. As a result, there are now various styles of tungsten wedding bands available. Let's take a look at the different styles that exist.

1 - Black Tungsten Rings

Black tungsten rings are some of the newest models out there. They are absolutely stunning in design, being one of absolute blackness that never loses its shine or color. They are truly unusual and will make your rings stand out from the crowd. 

"Black tungsten wedding bands feature a deep midnight black tungsten finish made of a black titanium coating combined with the raw strength of tungsten carbide."

The other option is to choose a tungsten ring with black ceramic. This is because regular black tungsten uses a coating of black titanium alloy, which isn't as scratch resistant as regular tungsten. When opting for black ceramic, however, you do get the durability and resistance that tungsten is so famous for. Either way, your ring will be of a beautiful and classy black color.

2 - White Tungsten Rings

White tungsten rings are particularly popular. They have the look of white gold & platinum, which gives them a more traditional look. However, they continue to have the durability of regular tungsten. In order to achieve the white look, these rings are bonded with rhodium. Rhodium is from the platinum group of metals, which is what creates the beautiful and classical color.

3 - Gray Tungsten Rings

Finally, there is gray tungsten. This is just tungsten as it is, meaning that nothing has been added to change its color. However, you do have to bear in mind that a gray tungsten ring does have nickel or other similar material in it, which is what gives it shine as well. Gray tungsten, however, is more often used in industrial processes, rather than in jewelry designs.

Other Things to Remember

Besides the colors, it is also possible to have rings with insets or inlays. For instance, tungsten rings may often have an inlay of another material, most notably black ceramic, silver, gold, palladium and platinum. These rings are particularly popular.

"This 8mm tungsten wedding band features highly polished beveled edges and a brushed seamless inlay of 18K rose gold embedded into brushed tungsten carbide, creating a stunning combination of valuable and exotic metals."

Additionally, it is possible to add diamonds or other stones to the rings as well. If you do decide to use an inlay or a stone, then you must understand that these parts of the ring will not have the same durability and hardness as the tungsten rings. Only tungsten has these properties, so you may find that the inlay of your ring starts to look worn at some point. However, this can be avoided with suitable maintenance.

Finally, you could think about engraving options. When tungsten was first released, engraving was virtually impossible and would only leave a highly faded impression. Now, however, lasers are used for engraving, which has opened up a whole new world of possibilities. Fantastic and intricate designs can be included in the rings so that they look even more unusual and beautiful. Engraving should not affect the integrity or durability of the ring itself. However, it is very important that you speak to your jeweler about whether or not they will require specific maintenance or regular cleaning. It is unlikely that they do, but there are exceptions and it is best to ask and know than to find yourself with a faded ring.

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