Sunday, March 16, 2014

Weddings: Who Pays For What?

Planning your wedding is an exciting affair. Your main priority is to make everything perfect as you choose the cake, the flowers, the dress and everything else that will come together to make your day as memorable as ever. One of the biggest problems couples have when planning their wedding however is money. Even a small wedding can cost a small fortune which gets a lot of couples wondering just who pays for what? It’s an issue that can turn planning your wedding into a stressful struggle opposed to the dream it should be. To make things a little easier for you, here’s a brief guide of who should pay for what.

Who Pays For What Traditionally?

In times gone by, the bride’s parents have been the ones to pay for the majority of the wedding. Everything from the dress to the cake, the venue to the band were left to the bride’s parent’s, often leaving them with a hefty bill to pay come the special day. The groom’s parents on the other hand got off much lighter seeing as all they’re expected to pay for is clothing for the groom and his party and any travel and accommodation expenses they may incur. Traditionally, the bride and groom themselves were left with incredibly little to pay for. The happy couple would be left to pay for the honeymoon, gifts for both sets of parents and, in a small majority of cases, any unforeseen expenses that may have exceeded the original budget.

What’s The Modern Take On Things?

If you’re a parent of the bride reading this, don’t panic. The traditional way of paying for weddings is fast being forgotten. With the growing cost of weddings, it’s completely understandable that one set of parents simply cannot afford to pay for virtually everything. Now there are numbers ways for the happy couple and their family to split the wedding cost of the wedding and each of them are highly acceptable.

Who pays for what in modern weddings differs depending on each family’s financial situation and desires. In some cases, both sets of parents split the cost equally between them while in other cases the bill is split three ways with the bride and groom contributing too. Of course, there will be times when our families or parents simply can’t afford to take on half or even a third of the bill and so they volunteer to pay for just one or two key elements, such as the cake or the dress. Parents or other family members may simply donate a set amount of money for the bride and groom to spend as they see fit.

If financially possible, it’s becoming an ever more popular option for the bride and groom to pay for the wedding themselves. It puts no financial pressure on their parents and is also a great way for them to show their independence as they enter into married life.

In the modern world, the options for who pays for what really are endless so couples need not feel pressured to do things the traditional way. It really is a case of who can afford what so be mindful of this and be thankful for every kind donation towards your wedding day.

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