Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Characteristics Of Tungsten Wedding Bands

More and more people are choosing tungsten as the material for their wedding rings. Indeed, it is becoming so popular that it is overtaking the more traditional gold material, and even the more modern materials like titanium or platinum. But just what is tungsten? What are its characteristics?

What Is Tungsten?

First of all, you must learn to understand the material that is tungsten.

"Tungsten Carbide is a warm gray-toned metal usually with a high polished finish. Tungsten Carbide is scratch resistant through normal wear and consistently looks new and polished throughout time. It is a heavy metal, more so than its Gold and Platinum counterparts. It is the hardest metal in the world that is used for jewelry."

It is stronger than any other material out there and it is also one of the most durable. Indeed, the only material that compares to it in terms of durability is a diamond. Added to this is the fact that it never loses its shine and this makes it incredibly popular for a wedding ring, in particular for men who often use their hands more than women.

How Strong Is Tungsten?

The key to tungsten is its strength and it really is unsurpassed.

"Tungsten rings are durable enough for every-day use and keep their original polish and luster for life. Tungsten carbide can only be scratched or damaged by extreme measures, like abrasion from diamonds or corundum."

It is for this reason that they are so popular. There is literally nothing you can do to cause scratches on the material of your ring. It will last a lifetime, and many people are choosing these rings because they can become family heirlooms over time. 

The Weight

A lot of people still choose titanium over tungsten due to the fact that titanium is so lightweight. Indeed, tungsten is not as light, but this doesn't mean you will have an unmanageable weight on your finger either.

"Tungsten is known for its weight. In many of its applications, the weight of tungsten is one of its more beneficial characteristics. Tungsten rings for men and tungsten wedding bands are no different."

At the same time, it is heavy enough to make you realize that you are wearing a ring. For some people, this is a drawback. For others, however, it is further testament to the sanctity of marriage, something that literally weighs heavily on their hearts and minds.


Tungsten is generally not hypoallergenic. This is due to the fact that they often include cobalt in the material. However, more and more jewelers are now choosing to use nickel instead, which has the same properties but is hypoallergenic. It is very important to speak to a jeweler and ask about whether cobalt or nickel is used. If they don't know, you can assume with some certainty that it will be cobalt, which means that you may not be able to wear it if you suffer from allergies.

The Price

Finally, one of the greatest characteristics of tungsten is the price. It is a much cheaper material than the traditional gold or platinum. Silver and titanium are generally not too expensive either, but tungsten tends to be the cheapest of the lot. This does not, by any means, mean that it is a cheap and tacky material, however. Indeed, tungsten is absolutely beautiful in its shine, and as technology progresses, various other inlays and insets can be added to make it even more beautiful. For instance, if you want something that is both completely unique and completely affordable, you could choose a tungsten and ceramic ring. Very few others will have something like this.

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