Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Do's And Don’ts For Planning An Outdoor Wedding

Romantic, beautiful, memorable and scenic - there’s no denying that an outdoor wedding captures all these traits and many more. If they’re organized right, outdoor weddings can be absolutely stunning. Imagine taking your vows before the glowing sunset or dancing beneath the stars, it really does make for a wonderful picture. If they’re organized wrong however, outdoor weddings can quickly turn from a dream to a nightmare so it’s important that you follow these simple dos and don’ts to ensure that all goes to plan and you get the celebrate the wedding of your dreams.

Don’t Forget To Decorate

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A big pro for outdoor weddings is that couples often save themselves a small fortune in decoration bills. Perhaps the venue has a picturesque mountain behind it or perhaps it’s a garden lined with flowers in bloom. While the venue may already look fabulous, it’s vital that you don’t forget to decorate however. While this may not mean the same as it would for an inside wedding, it’s still worth considering. Visit your venue a week before you wedding day to see if anything needs done. Do you need to line the trees with lights for nighttime? Are the flowers in bloom or starting to wilt and do you need more? Has the grass been mowed? Will the venue do this for you? These are all simple questions but make a big difference come your special day.

Don’t Forget Your Permit

If you’re to be wed in a public space such as a local park or beach, you should always contact your local authority to check if you’re allowed to do so and if you require a permit to go ahead. While you’re looking into these details, you should also ask about the rules concerning photography of the location, lighting fires and candles, bringing electric lighting and setting up marquees or tents.

Do Consider The Suns Position

It goes without saying that if you’re planning and outdoor wedding your keeping your fingers crossed for sunshine. A bright sunny day will allow you to snap some fabulous pictures and will make the day even more enjoyable for you and your guests. When you’re relying on the sun, you need to think about more than just the weather forecast however. It’s vital that you consider the suns position during your wedding. You don’t want your guests to be blinded by the sun so they can’t see you take your vows so seat them with their backs towards it.

Do Have A Bakup Plan

The most important thing to consider when planning an outdoor wedding is your backup plan. Firstly, make sure you have one. Consider all the things that could go wrong, namely the weather. What will you do in the case of rain or terribly strong winds. Make sure you have either a marquee you can set up for such an event or, if possible, ask whether your venue will allow you to celebrate indoors should the weather be adverse.

These dos and don’ts may be simple but all too often they’re overlooked in the stress of planning. Take just a minute to consider all of them and you’ll find your wedding is as memorable and perfect as ever.

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