Tuesday, April 22, 2014

How To Accessorize Your Wedding Dress

You probably thought that when you chose your wedding gown the hard part was over. Think again. While your wedding dress may be by far the most important item you need to get right on your wedding day, it doesn’t mean that everything that goes with it is no less important. You can spend endless hours choosing your wedding dress but ultimately if you accessorise it wrong your whole look may be spoiled.

When it comes to choosing your wedding jewelry, your shoes and anything else you’re planning on walking down the aisle in, it’s important to remember that your accessories should be an extension of your personality and the dress itself, not a distraction from them. You don’t want to overwhelm your dress.

Here’s some other important points to consider while accessorizing your wedding dress…

Match Your Necklace To Your Neckline

When accessorizing their wedding dress, most brides tend to think first of what necklace they’ll wear. If this sounds like you, take a minute to consider the fact that different necklines of dresses require different shaped necklaces to go with them. Here’s some examples…

Scoop-neck and V-neck dresses are great because they allow you to wear virtually any type of necklace, without spoiling your look. Delicate pendants, strings of pearls, embellished chokers, the choice is yours. If you’re wearing this style of dress however it’s advised you stay away from any neckwear that’s too chunky or heavy as this can easily overpower the delicacy of your dress.

Necklaces are best avoided if you’re wearing a halter and high-neck dress but that doesn’t mean you can’t compromise. If this is the style of your dress, you’d be better accessorizing it with a pair of statement earrings, thus not taking away from your beautiful gown or clashing with it but still adding a bit of sparkle.

Spaghetti-strap and strapless dresses give you the most freedom when it comes to choosing your neckwear. You can wear absolutely any type of necklace you please and it’s unlikely it will spoil your flawless look, just be sure to follow the other rules to follow…

Choosing The Color Of Your Jewelry

To keep your look consistent, it’s important that you stick to just one color of jewelry whether it’s gold, silver or rose. When choosing which color to go with, consider the color of your wedding band. It’s the most important piece of jewelry you’ll ever wear so it makes sense that your other accessories should match in color, thus complimenting it instead of clashing with it.

Features First

Every bride wants to look flawless on her special day and one of the most effective ways to do this is by highlighting your best features with accessories. If your face is your best feature, be it because of your smile or your sparkling eyes, go for a pair of delicate yet eye-catching earrings.  Perhaps your bust is your best feature? If so, following your neckline as outlined above is a sure way to highlight your assists. 

Whatever feature you’d like to accentuate, you can do so by focussing on the piece of jewelry that sit’s closest to it. Be sure to choose something eye-catching yet petite so you won’t overpower the feature and you’ll find yourself looking dazzling.

Of course, every bride is different and will have her own unique, personal tastes when it comes to accessorizing her wedding gown and what suits some may not compliment others. When it comes to choosing the jewelry for your own special day, remember to be true to yourself. After all, it needs to feel right as well as look right when you’re wearing it. Take your time when choosing and enjoy it, you only get to do this once after all.

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