Friday, May 2, 2014

Wedding Cake Trends For 2014

Choosing the design and flavor for your wedding cake can be a stressful task - albeit a decidedly tasty one! The options are seemingly endless and it can be a tough call deciding whether to go traditional, unique, colorful or plain. Year upon year brings us countless new cake designs and trends and already 2014 is looking to be no different. That said, here’s some of the leading cake trends that 2014 has shown us so far…

Go Naked

As odd as it may seem, an increasing amount of couples are choosing to divert from the traditional regal icing or the creamy butter icing to top their wedding cake with. In fact, they’re shying away from any icing at all. Instead, they’re taking a more simple route and choosing to serve simple sponge and filling. While this idea may seem odd at first, it’s actually incredibly beautiful and never fails to make the mouth water. This design shows off the glorious layers of sponge, curd, jam and buttercream inside the cake, flaunting them for all the guests to see. You’d be hard pressed to call this style of cake plain either seeing as they’re usually generously decorated with fresh fruit or flowers, adding to the natural look.

Statement Cakes

Of course, we’re no doubt all familiar about what a statement cake is, they’re pretty hard to miss and impossible to forget after all. They’re a great choice for any wedding and will make a great talking piece to make the day truly unforgettable for your guests. Year after year, cakes are becoming ever more flamboyant as baking becomes more of an art than a talent, making for some tremendous cakes. Some are intricate sculptures, some seemingly defy gravity while others are statuesque wonders.

Desert Tables

While some happy couples are opting for cakes with no icing and others are opting for cakes that can be classed as works or art, others are choosing to host their reception with no cake at all. Instead, many couples are breaking from tradition and and are replacing the usual centrepiece with a vast table, filled with various sweet treats. These dessert tables are often made up of fine chocolates, cupcakes, home-made sweets and most anything else the bride and groom think people may fancy. Dessert tables may seem odd at first but in fact they’re often much less costly to set up than a traditional cake and much more likely to cater to everyone’s tastes.

While these three wedding cake trends may well be at the very height of style as we enter 2014, it’s worth pointing out that they are merely the tip of the iceberg. Each wedding cake designer can offer couples something completely different, something suited to their unique tastes and personalities, thus it’s rare that any two wedding cakes are the same. Remember that choosing your wedding cake is all about personal taste, not what’s in style or what’s traditional, so be as imaginative as you can.

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