Saturday, November 1, 2014

Tungsten carbide rings are known for their durability. It’s why so many people choose to have these rings. They are scratch resistant, do not fade, or tarnish no matter how much of a battering you subject them to. There’s no way better to demonstrate your eternal love for someone on your wedding day.
The main drawback of such a high level of durability is the fact they can’t be re-sized. If you happen to lose or gain weight, you might have to get your ring replaced.

Tungsten Carbide Properties

Tungsten carbide has a rating of 8 out of 10 on the Moh’s hardness scale. To put that in perspective, an 18k gold ring has a rating of 2 and diamond has the maximum hardness rating of 10.

Many jewelry sites mention that tungsten rings can be up to ten times as hard as an average gold ring, and four times harder than titanium. It also has a very high melting temperature of 6170 degrees Fahrenheit.

Why it’s Impractical to Re-Size

Since the only way to change a tungsten ring after it’s been made is to melt it, there’s no chance of retaining the same decorative qualities as before.

Assuming that the ring is simple and without any customization, it would still be impractical. The cost required to produce these temperatures would be so high it would be cheaper to simply purchase another ring. In the absence of any other options, re-sizing isn’t worth it.

You also have to consider additional alloys. We’re only talking of tungsten itself when we refer to the hardness of the metal. You can’t combine an alloy and a base metal and reduce it back into a workable alloy and base metal again. Add in treatments like cobalt and all you’ll get is one big mess.

In many cases, the reaction that takes place in the furnace is irreversible.

The easiest way to avoid the problem of having to re-size your ring is to place a custom order. Have your ring finger professionally measured and place an order for this size of ring. Now you’ll know your ring will be of the correct size.

Make sure you never place a custom order if your weight is in a change of flux. If you go on a diet after ordering your ring.

Warranties from the Jeweler

Jewelers do other warranties on re-sizing. If you ever need to re-size your ring, your warranty will cover the purchase of a new ring. Order online and you’ll have to send the ring back to the retailer. They’ll send a new ring to you. Your old ring will most likely be resold on the second-hand market.

Not all jewelers offer these warranties, and many will carry an additional charge.
However, since you already found us, you won’t have to worry about any of the things mentioned above, because  provides a top of the line lifetime manufacturer’s warranty and lifetime free size exchanges with each and every ring.

How To Take Care Of Your Tungsten Ring

Silver, gold, and platinum are classics, but if you’re considering wedding bands or want a ring to truly symbolize your personality, then a Tungsten ring might be the right option for you. Tungsten carbide rings (more commonly referred to simply as “tungsten”) are a gorgeous choice that lasts a lifetime and allow those who wear them to distinguish themselves with truly phenomenal jewelry designs. With a beautiful weight that their fans love for its character and an occasional reminder of a ring’s presence to its wearer, tungsten is an outstanding choice for wedding bands. Harder than more traditional options and even stronger than titanium, tungsten rings are great for active lifestyles and long wear. Few natural substances other than diamonds themselves have the ability to mar tungsten, so it’s a safe bet for jewelry-- like wedding bands-- that you are certain to wear day in and day out.

While tungsten rings do not scratch or bend, and you may never see a blemish from regular wear and tear on your ring, your new tungsten ring does require some minimal care. Here are a few important factors to keep in mind when cleaning a piece of tungsten jewelry:

Warm water and mild soap combine to make the best cleaning solution for tungsten.  Avoid chemicals, bleaches, and traditional jewelry cleaners that may damage the finish of your tungsten ring, by sticking with the basics. You’ll love how well simple soap and water work on your wedding band and that there is no need to buy an expensive cleaner to keep it in tip-top condition.  If your ring is ever exposed to harsher chemicals, it’s best to wash it with soap and warm water as soon as possible.

Buff your ring using a soft cloth dipped in the soap and water solution. 
For best results, wash your ring with a soft cloth—many prefer cotton or micro fiber—and buff to create a soapy lather and remove any dirt or debris from your ring. The process takes only minutes and your ring will look as good as new with just a little elbow grease!

Rinse well and dry for the grand finale. Rinse your ring in clear, warm water and dry with a separate, soft cloth to enjoy the original finish of your jewelry.  

Always wash your ring by hand. Your tungsten ring won’t require frequent cleanings and should always be washed by hand, never tumbled or put into any sort of ultrasonic cleaning machine, as tempting as that may be. Tumbling your ring may result in undesirable effects on the finish and strength of your ring.

When you choose a tungsten ring for your wedding band, you’re choosing a beautiful, high quality material that will last much longer than those traditional precious metal rings you see on left hands around the world. Take good care of your tungsten wedding band and enjoy not only its unique characters, but its own timeless qualities of strength and resilience.

5 Fabulous Ways to Save On Your Wedding

There’s no doubt you want your wedding to be both amazing and memorable, but if money is an issue, costs can mount up quick, and it’s all too easy to go beyond your budget with too little to show.  Here are five wonderful ways to keep your wedding both fabulous and cost-effective:

Use your network. Take a moment to think about all those talented and gifted people in your life—the ones you will likely invite to your wedding—and what they do both for a living, and in their spare time. Is there an amateur photographer or DJ in your midst?  Does your best friend love to decorate?  Does the groom’s mom pride herself on her baking abilities? It’s time to put those talents to use!  

Make a list of all the products and services you will absolutely need for your big day, and then scan the guest list to see who might be able to provide. Explain to those folks from whom you make special requests that you are on a budget, and offer to pay up --but ask if they might give you a discount as their wedding gift to you. You may be surprised at just how generous those who want to share your special day will be.

Choose a single venue. Choose one venue for both your wedding service and your reception, so that you are paying only one fee for using space. You may also find that if you hire a band or disc jockey for music during the ceremony, your performer(s) can stay at little additional cost to provide reception music. This tip comes with an added benefit for your guests, because they won’t have to worry about transportation from the service to the reception hall. You’ll be saving time and money and the party will begin as soon as you say, “I do.”

Keep it intimate and comfortable. Your wedding is about you and your significant other, so keep guest lists small and invite only close friends and family, then choose inexpensive but fun favors and a few great comfort foods to share with your guests. Choose to spend your big day with the people you care about the most and plan a time they can enjoy, and you’ll save money in the process while eliminating all the potential stress that can come with dramatic wedding guests or too-fancy food choices that never turn out quite the way they were meant to.  

Go against the grain. Choose an off-peak date and time for your wedding. Once you know the geographic location of your wedding, check with vendors to see when their slower times of the year occur. They want your business even more when there are fewer couples knocking down their doors, and many will be obliged to offer significant discounts for venue rental, décor, setup and breakdown, etc.

Choose a single kind of in-season flowers. Extravagant bouquets can be beautiful, but bouquets crafted from a single type of flower are often nothing short of striking. A timeless option that will make for beautiful photographs and a truly elegant look and feel for your event, bouquets of your favorite in-season flower save money by allowing your florist to buy in bulk at market prices, a savings that will be passed on to you in total décor savings.

Keep your eyes open for great deals and enjoy the wedding planning process. For many people, this is an once-in-a-lifetime shot at making memories that will last forever. Be true to your personality and budget and start your new life together off on the right foot.