Saturday, December 27, 2014

Product Spotlight: Yotimo Black Walnut Wood Inlay Beveled Black Ceramic Ring

The Yotimo Black Walnut Wood Inlay Beveled Black Ceramic Ring offers the perfect fit of old world charm and new world style. This ring is an ideal fit for the couple looking to stand out uniquely in the crowd.

Created from high tech scratch proof black ceramic and gorgeous dark walnut inlay this exotic style from our Black Ceramic Rings line is truly as unique as it is alluring. The inlay is made of 100% real wood and you can tell by the grain of the wood going from side to side. If the grain runs around the ring, this would be a sign of fake wood. The design combines the newest and oldest materials to be used in fine jewelry making.

This comfort fit wedding ring features beveled edges and is ideal for couples looking for matching sets as its available in 6 mm, 8 mm, and 10 mm wide. This is the perfect ring to represent the strength of your love and unique character. As always the Yotimo is backed by our free lifetime sizing and manufacturer's warranty , in addition to our 30-day money back guarantee. - 

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Uncovering Tungsten Wedding Band Myths

Uncovering Tungsten Wedding Band Myths – Advantages of this amazing precious metal
Tungsten men’s wedding bands are quickly becoming one of the most popular wedding rings for men. Tungsten rings have many advantages over traditional wedding rings or bands made from platinum, gold or silver. We will look at some of these differences and highlight the benefits of tungsten carbide wedding rings for the man in your life.
Myth #1 – Tungsten cannot be removed in case of an emergency
A common concern for many considering a wedding band made from tungsten is that it will not be able to be removed easily in case of an emergency. This myth abated when doctors and jewelry shops spoke out debunking this myth. Tungsten bands are designed to break under the correct pressure and emergency rooms and jewelers are equipped with the equipment to facilitate such a removal without harm to the wearer. In fact, tungsten carbide wedding bands are considered to be safer than a band made from softer metal because tungsten bands do not bend. In a critical moment the band will break into pieces rather than bending and applying painful pressure or causing further damage, such as gold tends to do.
Myth #2 – Tungsten is not gold and weddings bands must be gold
                Tungsten carbide wedding bands are growing quickly in the bridal jewelry industry due to the strength of the metals and its considerable resistance to being scratched or dented. The rings are roughly 10 times harder than 18k gold and 4 times harder than titanium. On the hardness scale for metals, gold ranks 2, tungsten 8, and diamonds 10. In addition to its classy look and high polish many men are attracted to its technical nature. Men who work with their hands usually do not want to wear rings that will easily be pitted or scratched. Tungsten will maintain its luster and look even with the most challenging professions. Many men in construction, woodworking, plumbing, or any profession that relies on using one’s hands, prefer these rings for their manly nature and endurance to what is thrown at them.
                Allergies have also caused many men to forgo wearing a wedding band and caused the wives sadness that their husband cannot enjoy the ring that symbolizes their union. Tungsten alloy is special and valuable due to the hypoallergenic nature of the metal. Those with allergies to gold, silver, or nickel will be able to wear these rings and enjoy having them as their status symbols like the rest of the world. The jewelry industry enjoys putting certain metals on a pedestal, but the reality is that any metal that you choose to symbolize your love is valuable.
Myth #3 – Tungsten bands can be resized
                Unfortunately, this myth is true. Tungsten wedding bands cannot be resized in case your finger size changes. However, many people never find a need to have their wedding bands resized. My parents have had their original wedding bands for 30 years. If you did find yourself in the position of needing a smaller or larger size, you will need to order a new ring. The best bet is to purchase your rings from a jewelry site that has a lifetime guarantee on their rings, which fortunately, has!
                To find your ring size, please use our RING SIZE FINDER document. Download the Amazon Ring Size Finder PDF file, print it and follow the instructions. However, for the most accurate ring size measurements, visit any jeweler and have them size your finger and then use those measurements when ordering. We at have a guarantee that if your ring does not fit you can send it back for one that does!
In Conclusion – Why choose Tungsten for your wedding band?
1.       Tungsten rings are affordable! In this economy, more people are becoming practical with their selections and not turning to traditional overpriced metals.
2.       Tungsten is the most durable precious metal for those who work with their hands.
3.       Tungsten rings maintain their shape and polish, even under the most intense pressure.
4.       Tungsten rings do not scratch; thus will not need frequent polishing to stay classy looking.
5.       Tungsten Carbide is heavier than most metals because of its density and feels solid.
6.       Tungsten rings are hypoallergenic.
7.       Tungsten weddings bands will not tarnish or turn your finger green.
8.       Tungsten wedding bands are as unique as you and come with a wide selection of colors and unique inlay options.
9.       In case of an emergency, tungsten rings will not cause additional or further damage to the wearer’s hand.
10.    On your 80th anniversary your tungsten wedding ring will still look new!