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Wedding Anniversary Celebrations Through the Years and Gift Ideas

Wedding Anniversary Celebrations Through the Years and Traditional Gifts

First Anniversary

Your first anniversary is one of the most fun to celebrate, you’ve made it through your first year together! Not only will you get to take the top layer of your cake out of the freezer, but you’ll also exchange gifts with each other to celebrate your first year of wedded bliss. Paper is the traditional selection for the first anniversary. With this gift, you have many different options. Great gift ideas for paper would include a special framed photo, a photobook, a flight ticket somewhere together, or tickets to a special event.

Second Anniversary
For your second anniversary, cotton is the traditional gift to give. Getting some new clothing is a fun way to celebrate together, if you like shopping. Other great ideas include nice linens, towels, table décor such as tablecloths or place mats, and even a new area rug for your home.
A modern gift for the second anniversary would be a piece of art or home décor fashioned from china. This is a great way to start a home collection of decorations that uniquely expresses you personalities and how you want to set up and present your home.  
Third Anniversary
The traditional gift for the third anniversary is leather. This can come in the form of a leather jacket or coat, or leather accessories such as shoes, a belt or even a wallet or purse. A leather desk set is something that both of you could enjoy as well.
Crystal or glass is the more modern gift ideas for this third anniversary. Some fun gift ideas for this year are crystal candle holders, vases, stemware, or decanter sets. A decorative wall mirror is a beautiful gift idea for the third year of marriage.
Fourth Anniversary
Traditionally, fruit and flowers are given on the fourth anniversary. What girl doesn’t love a bouquet? A beautiful floral arrangement is always a wonderful gift. A fruit basket is a gift that can be enjoyed by everyone. If you want to combine the two, there are edible fruit “bouquets” you can have delivered, some of which have chocolate and yogurt covered fruit. If your spouse has a green thumb, a house plant or new flowers for the garden can be a great idea, too.
For a modern flair on the fourth year, give the gift of appliances. This can be any household appliance that you use in the home. Personal grooming appliances like hair styling tools, electric razors, and spa accessories are terrific options. Kitchen appliances like a specialty coffee maker are usually popular options.
Fifth Anniversary
Wood is the traditional gift for the 5-year mark. Great gift ideas include any type of wooden furniture or home décor to add to your collection. You may find some incredible wooden art that can add an interesting touch to the home. Evergreen plants or shrubs can be a wonderful wooden gift for the fifth year, as well.
Silver is the modern gift for the fifth year of marriage. Any type of silver table ware would be an ideal options, as well as silver serving accessories such as a silver serving set, silver tools like an engraved ladle or salad spoons, or even silver candlestick holders.
Sixth Anniversary
There are two very different historical traditional gifts for the sixth anniversary. The first, candy, is a fun (and delicious) way to celebrate. A box of chocolates or gourmet candy is a brilliant way to honor this anniversary. The older traditional gift is iron. This can include an array of different gift ideas for someone that you love. Home décor that is made of cast iron can be a beautiful addition to the home. A cast iron skillet for the chef in the family is a wonderful idea. If you love golfing, new golf clubs can be a wonderful gift made of iron.
The modern take on the sixth anniversary is wood. Any type of wooden home décor, art or furniture is a wonderful gift for this special year. Wooden kitchen accessories such as salad sets or wooden cutting boards make nice options. You can also think bigger and invest in wood floors or wooden patio coverings if you really would like to celebrate.
Seventh Anniversary
The seventh year of marriage can also be celebrated by two different types of traditional gifts. Wool is this first tradition and can be given in the form of clothing or blankets. Copper is the other traditional gift usually associated with the seventh anniversary. There are many different ideas for copper gifts available that might include a copper tray or bowl or copper vase.
Desk sets are typically the modern gift for this anniversary. Any type of leather desk set is beautiful, as is a personalized set. Beautiful types of wooden desk sets are also available.
Eighth Anniversary
For the eighth anniversary celebration, the traditional gift is pottery. Pottery is a gift that is so easy and fun to find. Any type of home décor, decorative art or kitchen accessory can be a wonderful idea for a traditional eighth anniversary gift. There are also many pottery studios that will help you make and decorate pottery of your own, which makes for a great date night.
A modern gift idea for this anniversary is linens or lace. Decorative lace table runners, doilies, or antique decorative blankets would be an ideal and ironic modern gift idea. Every home always needs extra linens. Table cloths, towels, or sheet sets are great gifts for this anniversary celebration as you move into almost a decade of marriage.
Ninth Anniversary
Willow is the traditional gift for the ninth anniversary. Special wicker furniture, baskets and art are great ideas for a gift for this year. A beautiful wicker rocker, a wicker bed side table, or a fun picnic basket would be wonderful treats for any couple.
Leather is the modern gift for this date. Leather clothes, jackets, desk accessories, or furniture are each great idea gifts for spouses to celebrate with.
Tenth Anniversary
Tin and/or aluminum share the tenth anniversary spot for ideal traditional gift presents. Home décor items made of these, such as wall décor, wall art, candle tins, tin flower vases, or tin and aluminum tableware are great ideas for this special celebration.
The more modern gift ideas for the tenth anniversary are most likely more desirable. Diamond jewelry is becoming the modern gift for your tenth wedding anniversary celebration. A diamond anniversary band to match the wedding set is a perfect idea. Other ideas include earrings, necklaces, or bracelets.
Twentieth Anniversary

The traditional anniversary gift for the twentieth anniversary is china ware. China table accessories, such as a serving dish, spoon rest, or bowl set are wonderful gift ideas. Frames, figurines, and even picture frames also make great anniversary gifts.
The modern take on this anniversary is the gift of platinum. Platinum jewelry is one of the most meaningful gifts for the twentieth year of marriage. A platinum anniversary band to add to the wedding set is a great way to say “I love you” after twenty years.
Thirtieth Anniversary
The pearl is the traditional and modern gift for this special anniversary. Mother of pearl home accessories, jewelry, or simply pearls are each a great gift.
Fortieth Anniversary

The ruby is both the modern and traditional gift for this special anniversary. Ruby jewelry is an ideal present for celebrating 40 years of marriage. Ruby bracelets, pendants, earrings, or anniversary bands are perfect gifts to show how much you care.

Fiftieth Anniversary 

Celebrating fifty years of marriage is a big deal. It deserves a very important gift. Gold is both the traditional anniversary gift and the modern anniversary gift for this great celebratory date. Gold jewelry is the most popular gift idea, but gold-leafed tableware is also extremely popular. 

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