Sunday, December 25, 2016

Tips for Matching Your Wedding Jewelry to your Wedding Hairstyle

When considering a bridal hairstyle for your big day, you should make sure that your hair matches your dress; and also that it works with the jewelry you’re planning to wear. Not only does this perfect your bridal look but it helps to make your jewelry choices even more striking. The ring hairstyle and matching jewelry together make a stunning statement and will enhance the beauty of you and your dress on your special day. 

Match Your Metals

If you’re wearing a bridal hair accessory, such as a tiara or a sparkly hair clip, you need to be sure that it doesn’t clash with the metals in the rest of your jewelry. Try to match the metals that you are wearing so that your overall look is sophisticated and polished. If you are wearing silver or platinum rings that work wonderfully with your ivory bridal gown, you might put your gorgeous look in jeopardy by flashing a bright gold hair accessory.
However, there is still room for creativity. Silver and platinum work well together, and both look dazzling with diamonds While the various types and colors of gold look great together. Rose gold is often a safe choice as it can be a complimentary color to all the other metals, looking especially striking when teamed up with yellow gold or can bringing warmth to platinum. If you have pearls included in your jewelry, matching pearls with your hair accessory looks exquisite.

Choose Flowers According to Your Jewelry

Wearing flowers in your hair is big a bridal fashion trend this year. Large white flowers can be elegant while smaller colorful flowers add romance and whimsy to bridal hairstyles. Some great ideas include clipping small flowers or baby’s breath into braids and plaits, or clasping a larger flower on the side of your head and wearing your hair in a sophisticated bun. Consider your jewelry before picking out flowers for maximum effect.
White flowers look opulent when set against diamonds and silver; while yellow tones complement gold jewelry. Gemstones come to life when you are wearing colorful flowers. Try to stick to the similar shades of same color, though. If the gemstones on your ring are rubies or sapphires, try wearing the same colors of flowers in your hair.

Show off Your Jewels

You don’t want your hairstyle to get in the way of your beautiful jewelry making a statement for you, so consider wearing your hair over a shoulder in a side-swept style if you want to show off earrings and necklace statement pieces. A half up-do also works well for this look. 
If you want to have your hair down instead of up, opt for having sections in front pulled away from your face to display your jewelry while still enjoying a long look at the back. You could create plaits in front that are then pulled back around your hair or have pieces in front volumized and back-combed and accented with a jeweled clip.

What’s Your Style?

Bridal hairstyles should complement the style of jewelry worn together otherwise the overall look risks looking awkward. If your hairstyle is trendy with a voluminous side-swept ponytail or messy bun, you don’t want jewelry that is too demure or classic. Rather choose a piece or two to bring in that modern flavour. Examples include decorative pendants or bohemian-inspired jewellery. On the other hand, a Grace Kelly hairstyle will look great when teamed with a vintage ring or hair accessory. Consider the style and era of your jewelry and then find hairstyles to make a stunning match with it.
By making sure your hair complements your jewelry, all the elements of your appearance will come together to make you a stunning bride.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Keeping Your Wedding Band Looking Good As New!

Your wedding band is a symbol of your everlasting committment, take care of it, ensuring your treasure lasts with these tips for keeping your ring looking tip top.
“You’ve Got to Take It Off Every Now and Then.” (Always Sunny, anyone?)
But your wedding ring is sparkly! How can you stand to take it off? 
Nevertheless, there are certain activities that aren’t conducive to shiny-ring wearing. Remove your ring when you are:
  • Gardening — Play in the dirt without getting your favorite ring dirty,
  • Cleaning — If you’re using harsh chemicals, it’s best to take off your ring and put it in a safe place (we’ll come back to that in a minute).
  • Cooking — It isn’t the end of the world, but getting hot oil, garlic, and sauce on your wedding ring is less than ideal.
  • Working Out — Before you pick up that dumbbell, take a minute to remove your ring. You don’t want to scratch your piece.

Keep The Beauty Products Away From Your Ring

Lotion, sunscreen, perfume, and other beauty products can actually do some serious damage to your wedding ring. These chemical-containing lotions and potions can actually alter the look of your diamond and accidentally etch colored stones. So take them off before application and wait until they’ve been fully absorbed into the skin before putting your ring back on.

Have a Designated Spot For Your Ring

It’s a good idea to have a “special place” for your ring. This will help you keep track of it and keep pets, kids, and absent-minded husbands from picking it up or sweeping it into the trash with the junk mail (every ring-wearing lady’s nightmare).
Avoid the temptation of “just putting it on the counter” for convenience sake. If you’re worried about time, perhaps you could have two spots: a little bowl on the window sill and a little jewelry holder in either your bedroom or bathroom. This will lessen the likelihood of your ring being damaged or lost.

Have It Professionally Cleaned

Many jewelers will professionally clean your ring free of charge, so take advantage of this awesome service. Opt to do it once or twice a year, and you’ll keep your heirloom looking wonderful for years to come.

Have a Backup Ring For Some Occasions

It’s good to have a pretty, less expensive “wedding ring” for times when you’re worried about losing it. You can get one from your preferred jeweler or even online from a marketplace. (In fact, many companies are even having Holiday Sales right now!)
When might this be a good option?
There are many times examples that come to mind. If you are traveling out of the country on a budget and couch surfing in Europe, it might be wise to take a good looking “fake” with you. Or if you’re heading on a hiking trip, bring your budget ring. You’ll stress less and sleep well knowing it’s safe at home.

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The Amazing Hawaiian Koa Tree - Wooden Inlay Ring

The legendary Koa wood, native to the islands of Hawaii, has honored heritage, is highly revered and considered sacred. The beautiful grain of the wood is renowned for Tits deep, rich colors and varied patterns. The prized Koa wood is an ancient symbol of wisdom and strength with rich history surrounding the origin of this mighty breed of tree. Although no-one actually knows exactly where the Koa tree comes from, it is most conceivable that it could have sprouted from the lava of erupting volcanoes on the islands. It is amazing to think that a lone Koa seed erupted into a forest of trees that canopied the islands, becoming a lifeline for human inhabitants and the ecosystem and providing sophisticated culture and prosperity to the native settlers. A fact that is known is that the Koa tree does not grow naturally anywhere else on the earth outside Hawaii.


During the time of King Kamehameha The Great, weapons and canoes were created from the wood of the Koa trees proliferating on Big Island at the time. In the Hawaiian language, the word Koa means warrior and the wood from the trees used by these warriors became synonymous with those warriors and was called “koa”. During the late 1700s King Kamehameha traveled up through the Hawaiian island chain with his warriors and united all the islands under his rule. There is no doubt about the significance that Koa wood played in this great quest by the king to bring the islands together.


The wood from the rare Koa tree with its unique variety in the grain is highly sought after by manufacturers of wooden articles and jewelry. Due to its exclusive location (Koa trees do not grow naturally anywhere else in the world) Koa wood has become one of the most expensive woods in the world. Because of the beauty of the wood of these trees, they were in danger of being over harvested and have been devastated by cattle and development , however, they have never been in danger of becoming extinct. Nevertheless, it has become illegal to harvest the wood by cutting down the trees and Koa wood may only be procured from previously dead and fallen trees. Landowners and the State of Hawaii are extremely strict regarding the harvesting of Koa wood and adopt self-regulation as standard practice.


Very large Koa trees can grow up to a few hundred feet with diameters of over ten feet with a lifespan of 50 – 80 years. Koa wood has been categorized into three grades by the wood market according to its unique characteristics:
1.Select Grade Koa – straight grain with a rich color
2.Curly Grade Koa – variable grain with a wavy texture and rich colors with 3d highlights
3.Premium Grade Curly Koa (or Tiger Koa) – extreme color with translucent tones and 3d highlights
Koa wood has become extremely coveted for its unsurpassed quality and beauty of its unique grain. The curly grade wood has become tremendously popular for use as inlays in jewelry such as Koa and titanium rings as they display variable texture in the grain and amazing 3d color. Our Koa wood rings are one-of-a-kind as they reflect the unique characteristics of the particular tree and the environment it was harvested from. Ownership of a Koa wood ring and knowledge of the importance and history of the characteristics of the wood inlay will reflect your unique personality and distinctive taste.
We would like you to be truly satisfied with your purchase and therefore all our collections carry a satisfaction guarantee. You can see more styles of this beautiful wood in our rings here:

Domed Tungsten Wedding Band with Black Ceramic Inlay

Cajetanus Domed Tungsten Wedding Band with Black Ceramic Inlay 6 & 8 mm 

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This stylish and modern two-tone ring is sure to catch everyone’s eye, and comes in both 8mm and 6mm sizes for couples who want a matching set. This eye-catching piece is part of our exclusive new line of beautiful Black Ceramic and Tungsten Carbide rings. Black Ceramic is highly durable and supremely scratch-resistant, in addition to keeping it’s dark, intriguing black color all the way through, not simply plated on like some other ring materials. Tungsten Carbide is a cutting-edge new metal being used in the jewelry industry, and being the strongest new metal in jewelry, is perfect for both men and women who are tired of easily-scratched rings. is proud to offer Lifetime Sizing and a Lifetime Warranty on all of our exquisite black ceramic and tungsten rings and absolutely no extra cost to you, our valued customer. 

Sunday, December 4, 2016

In Your Own Words: Tips on Engraving Your Wedding Band

Purchasing a set of wedding bands is such a personal and special experience. After all, that is the one jewelry piece that will be worn a lifetime. Engraving a word, date, or phrase on the inside of your rings creates a special message to your partner that only they will see and know about, thus adding to the bond that band is already creating. 
Few people are aware that engraving rings is a centuries old tradition. A custom that began in the courts of Medieval Europe.  Even today, personalized inscriptions on wedding rings are still popular, and for good reason: romance never goes out of style. What is more romantic than a special hidden message to your lover that will always stay next to them?
Here are some tips on choosing the engraving that is right for you.

The Process

When you order your ring, tell your jeweler you’d like to have your rings personalized with engraving. Most shops and online sites now commonly offer this as an add-on to your purchase when you are selecting rings. Check how many letters can be engraved inside your ring, thus knowing the length of the phrase you can use. Decide which font will best match the ring you have selected and the style you'd like to maintain. Before sending it off, be sure to double or triple check the spelling and message in order to ensure it is properly engraved.

Engraving Ideas

Many common engravings include: your initials, a special date, a meaningful phrase, a line of poetry, a heart, or a religious line as your inscription. 
Here are some great samples to start the process:
  • DM + GB forever
  • Diane & George 5/5/2015
  • I love you
  • Je t’aime (French for I love you)
  • “Until the end of time” (song lyrics)
  • “I love you to the Moon and back”
  • “To have and to hold”
  • Love is patient, love is kind
  • 1 Corinthians 13:8
  • All my love
  • I’m my beloved’s and my beloved is mine
There are absolutely no limit to how creating you can get with your ideas. Most sites will also allow you to use symbols, so a heart or infinity symbol might be more of what you prefer. If you’re a playful couple, you could inscribe an inside joke or a funny quote from a favorite film. Or you could opt for a more serious, romantic engraving. It’s up to you.
While engraving is normally done inside of the ring, many places will offer rings that can be engraved outside as well. Check with your jeweler to see if it’s an option for your ring choice. Rings that include settings, inlays, or alternative settings usually will not be able to have engraving on the outside of the ring, but will still be able to be engraved on the inside. A new feature that some sites, such as , have started offering is engraving a fingerprint inside or outside of the ring. What more romantic way to show your love is there than to have a special bands that symbols your love with your unique fingerprint on the inside, showing your love that you are uniquely for them and love them! 

Font Ideas

This list of fonts should give you an idea of typeface options that are most commonly available.
Old English font is classic and gives your engraving an epic feeling big story feel. Annabel Script looks romantic and chic. Biondi looks art deco and Hatten looks modern. Consider choosing a font that matches the typeface of your engraving for your wedding invitations. It will give the ceremony a cohesive feel and remind you of that special day.

Consider Consulting Your Partner About Ring Details

Since engraving is such a personal decision, it might be best to choose inscriptions as a couple. Sure, your ring inscriptions won’t be the bigger part of the surprise, but joint input ensures that you and your partner have the chance to pick the perfect romantic message for each other. If you will get a ring set it’s always a nice idea to design the inscription for the other’s ring, or maybe engrave them so that, when put together, they add up to a line of poetry or a sweet quote. Whatever you choose, it's sure to be a special message that you will love looking at again and again. 

Nicolaos Beveled Tungsten Band with Red Opal Inlay

Passion is full of fire and wild romance. For some, a marriage is a beginning of a lifetime of that fiery passion that will last forever. For those who are joining in a union full of passion, a wedding band that announces that passion is essential. The NICOLAOS ring has an opal inlay with red and orange colors practically leaping off of the surface. The metal of the ring is a flashy silver that enhances the fiery opal inlay. This ring is sure to proclaim fiery passion felt by whoever is wearing it.
This ring is made with Tungsten Carbide which is the newest and strongest metal to be used in jewelry. The durability of this metal makes the ring scratch resistant. Please keep in mind, the inlay is less scratch resistant than the metal of the ring. The ring also comes with a lifetime resizing option and a lifetime warranty that will ensure that this ring can be worn through the years. To display fiery passion with a durability that is everlasting, use the NICOLAOS ring.
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Emerald Tungsten Ring

Emerald is the stone that is associated with eyes, the windows to the soul. It is known as the stone of successful love, making it a perfect addition, far more so than a diamond, to any wedding ring. The emerald is said to seek love and reveal truths. It is perfect for those people who always try to find compassion, meaning, harmony and justice. Interestingly, those are four ingredients essential for a successful marriage.

See the ring here:

The Acastus black and green carbon fiber inlay men's tungsten ring with emerald setting is the most symbolic of all wedding bands. It is a truly stunning ring that delivers everything you would expect from something that symbolizes successful love. The materials are stronger than any other on this planet, and they will last a couple during not just this lifetime, but even the next. Love, after all, is eternal and this ring will last for all eternity.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The History of Wedding Rings

Many of the wedding traditions that we follow today date back to centuries past. The exchanging of rings is one of the oldest wedding traditions around and is a beloved tradition for most newlywed couples. We will take a closer look at the origins of this ritual and how it is carried out in weddings today
Although the exact origin wedding ring is technically considered unknown, most historians believe that the tradition of wearing wedding rings started in Ancient Egypt. Archaeological discoveries, some dating back more than three thousand years, have led to this conclusion. At that time, a ring served as a seal with which the pharaohs certified their orders. Additionally, articles in papyrus scrolls and imagery on artifacts reveal the ancient culture exchanged rings braided from reeds and hemp. As time passed the Egyptian aristocracy began putting gold on their valuable items as well as silver, glass, and clay, this became knows as the first "jewelry". Through translated hieroglyphics, experts have learned how this society viewed the circle as a symbol of endless love between a couple. It made sense that a couple wanting to celebrate their unending love would use a ring as that symbol. Additionally, Egyptians wore their rings on the fourth finger of their left hands. They believed this finger held a special vein directly connected to the heart. By putting the endless circle of their love around the vein that went straight to the heart, they were making a declaration of their devotion. 
Interestingly, another ancient civilization also used the ring as an important social marker. In Rome, a ring designated the social status of a person.During that era, only the higher class was entitled to wear gold while the free citizens wore silver and the slaves wore iron. Romans had a defining use in marriage with the ring where before the marriage occurred the groom handed to the parents of his future bride a ring with which to prove that he undertook an engagement to marry their daughter and that he was able to take care of her. This ring exchange ritual was more important than the actual wedding itself which was merely the closing of the promise and the celebratory party.
The tradition of wearing the wedding ring on the fourth finger of the left hand also shows up in history from the ancient Greeks. In ancient Greece, it was also believed that an artery from that particular finger led directly to the heart. This is where they would wear their rings. While we now know the "vein to the heart is in the ring finger" is a myth, it does serve as a rather romantic explanation for the origins of the tradition.
People in Medieval France believed that for a married woman to attract a younger man she merely had to put a handkerchief through her wedding ring and then hand it to her loved one. This message was received loud and clear by the intended suitor.
In today's world, we recognize the wedding ring as a symbol of the unity of marriage and the unendingness of the union. The couples of today also generally choose their wedding rings together, thereby adding to the symbolism a personal touch that the rings carry for them. Additionally, the wedding ring also serves as a social symbol in today’s world, signifying to others that this man or woman is not available for a relationship, they are already taken. 

Sunday, October 30, 2016

So you are what?! Kicking off your engagement with top tips and tricks

The ring has been selected, the question has been popped, and now, there are a lot of important decisions involving other people to address. Announcements, parties, questions about the ring, the engagements, the plans, all of the wedding details, and new future in-laws to work with. In order to keep your sanity and to keep from any avoidable faux-pas, here are the top tips to consider in starting the sweetest time of your engagement!
Making The Announcement
Announcing your engagement is an exciting occasion for you and your partner, but it can get you into some hot water if you do not think to tell certain people first. In this age of social media, it's easy to get excited and post an announcement or photo the moment the big occasion happens! Please, consider taking some time to enjoy the moment and share it with those who matter most first.  Of course, if you have children, they need to be told personally about your engagement decision. Speak to them in private so that you can answer any questions they may have. Encourage them to talk to you honestly and openly about their feelings, and reassure them (depending on their ages) that they are always your number one priority. Otherwise, you should consider going to both sets of parents and sharing the exciting news in person if at all possible. It is not usually best for your mother or father to find out about your engagement on social media, especially if you are counting on them contributing to the wedding fund. Telling them can be a longer process if there are divorces involved, but be sure to tell all sets of parents at the same time as closely as possible. The rest of your family should follow closely behind your parents, especially those who might not be on social media, such as grandparents. Then you can spread the news to your extended family, best friends, and all of the people closest to you and your fiancé. Your public announcement via social media and/or newspaper should be the last way to announce your big day after those close to you have had the privilege of finding out first. There will be the possibility of someone purposely or accidently posting before you on social media and spoiling the surprise, so you can be upfront with your family about their special early news, but let it be known that you would like them to keep it under wraps until you choose to publicly announce. 
Important First Decisions
In order for all your planning to go smoothly, you will need to get some major details in order first; before you work on the smaller sidebar details. Usually, the first detail is your wedding date. While it is up to your and your partner to choose the date that suits you best, as a courtesy you should check with your immediate family to be sure the date does not conflict with other big events such as graduations. Along these same lines, something you will want to consider early is your location. Do you want to be closer to family or closer to your current living location if is not the same? Do you want to have a destination wedding or get married in your family’s home church? There are many location details that should be figured out rather quickly so the people you invite can make appropriate plans such as saving for vacation days or purchasing airfare. Venue will impact pretty much all the rest of the details, so pick early if you are wanting an outside or inside wedding, church or wedding venue, etc... Once you have your date, location, and venue, you should choose your bridal party. Close friends and family will want to be there to stand up for you and represent you on your big day. Next, you’ll need to decide on your theme, to go with your venue. You can choose from a casual wedding, a traditional formal wedding, a farm theme, or whatever you heart desires. This day should be about you, and you should have the theme picked out before you delve into attire, décor, or reception food. After you’ve chosen your theme, make sure you lock in your caterer, then start with your colors and go straight into your bridesmaids’ attire, groomsmen’s attire, and one of your biggest decisions: your dress! Details that can wait just a bit might include your cake, your DJ or band, and your honeymoon location.

Engagement Party
Once you have announced your big news to everyone, your friends might start to talk about an engagement party. The best time to have it is between eight weeks and four months after you’ve gotten engaged. This will give you time to start planning major details, that everyone at the party will ask you about and allow you to start a registry. Keep in mind that most engagement party guests will assume that they will be invited to the wedding, so check the invitation list beforehand. If you have chosen to have a smaller wedding, be sure to let your friends know this in advance. If your engagement party is your opportunity to have both your parents get to know each other, then a loud celebration with tons of friends may not be the best idea. People are starting to bring gifts for the happy couple to engagement parties, so it may be necessary to start registering for your smaller gift items before your engagement party. Wait to unwrap these gifts, in case some guests did not bring anything. Normally, the engagement party is not the time to open gifts, but the time to share the story of how you met and how you plan to start your life together. It is time to celebrate, but keep in mind that this isn’t your biggest affair to throw. Let your friends enjoying planning this day and sit back to enjoy, as you'll have bigger parties to throw coming your way soon. 
Introducing the In-Laws
If both sets of parents don’t already know each other, then the engagement party is a great time to have them meet. If that isn’t doable, or if you’d rather have a huge (loud) party now and then introduce them later, then you’ll need to have a special event just for the parents. A great idea for this is to have a meal together. Set up reservations at a great restaurant that isn’t loud, so that you can talk easily to get to know each other. If this isn’t an option, have a home-cooked meal together one Saturday afternoon so that you’ll have time to sit and chat afterward. Plan to really get to know your in-laws, and have your parents get to know them well, too. Talk about wedding plans, funny stories, desires for the big day, and plans for afterward as well. Use this time to start to flush out expectations and gently lay out your plans for the big day to avoid any other expectations being laid on you. 
Avoiding Oversharing 
Please remember that as much as your friends are happy for you and are excited for your big day to arrive, it is not their wedding, and they may not want to hear or talk about it nonstop for six months straight. It is OK to talk about your exciting plans, but don’t let them be the focus of every girls’ night out or every work lunch at work. As far as showing off your ring, it is customary to announce your engagement with a picture of your ring. Engagement shoots that feature the ring are also common and fun. However, discussing where it was purchased or the size and price should be avoided unless asked. When posting a picture of the ring (plus you and your partner,) be sure to thank every well-wisher on social media. Wedding details also should not be handled at work, taking calls from vendors and calling your mom with color ideas all day will not go over well with your co-workers, be sure to use lunch, breaks, or after work to do the heavy lifting of your planning. 

Uh-Oh… You Hate the Ring
There are a few things to consider in this situation. Some brides-to-be tell their significant others that they want to be surprised, so their intended has to pick out the ring on their own. If this is the case, then you will have to be prepared for receiving something that you wouldn’t have picked out yourself. The romantic idea of your partner picking the perfect ring, is very much subjective. There are a ton of factors to consider in picking a ring and if your partner is faced with this on their own, they will go with their best guess, which might not be your favorite. You will have to decide if you will like to keep the one your partner picked because it was their decision or if you will exchange it for one of your tastes. If you just can’t bring yourself to keep the ring, then there are a few things to do. First, with respect and tact, let them know how you feel about the ring and be sensitive to their feelings. Let them know that you don’t see yourself wearing that style, but really appreciate the thought and effort they put into picking it. Suggest that you both go together to pick another ring out. If you look at it as a partnership, maybe they will be more inclined to look for something that suits your tastes. Remind them that they spent a lot of money, and it would be a shame if it were on something that you didn’t care for. If you can’t bring yourself to say anything, then you can set your mind to appreciate the work they put into selecting the ring and try to see what they saw in it that made them think of you. Remember that you aren’t in it for the ring: You’re in it for the person and for the relationship that the ring represents. If the ring is a family heirloom, then it would be very difficult (and possibly insulting to their family) to complain about the ring. If you feel strongly about a ring style, then this would be a conversation that would be best to have prior to having the question popped. 
Etiquette with Questions
With social media, there are not many things that are kept private. Unfortunately, many people feel it is acceptable to ask questions that are downright rude. In this case, be prepared to respond to any impolite questions with a deflecting answer. If the amount of money spent comes up, be sure to come back with how cherished the ring is and how meaningful it is that this person asked you to be their partner. Always remember that it is the thought that truly counts.
Asking about being in your wedding party can also be an embarrassing situation. Honestly, it is always best for the bride to ask instead of someone eagerly asking her to be in her bridal party. This could risk making the relationship, and subsequent answer, awkward. The bride should clearly ask and communicate who she would like to be in her bridal party and her friends should wait to be asked and not bring up the topic unannounced. There are lots of situations where the bride might not have a lot of flexibility in how many or who she has in her bridal party and friends and family should respect her decision. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

5 BEST Fall Honeymoon Destinations...Plus 1 BONUS Idea!

If you and your spouse love to get decked out in comfortable sweaters, pants, and boots at the primary indication of fall. If you cherish the hues, the scents, the temperatures, and the pumpkin everything products. Then Fall is an excellent time of year for you to get hitched, and as a bonus it makes a fantastic honeymoon opportunity. You can go anyplace to do practically anything and appreciate the first married days with your new life partner.

Amusement Parks 

It is a dependable fact that mid-year is the season of the year when the amusement parks are stuffed to the brim. Fortunately, if you have the luxury of traveling without children then you are free from the summer rush and may have a more pleasant time with the reduced crowds. Stroll through the rides and events, enjoy quicker service, and quieter hotels. While there might some children, the crowds will be much less burdensome than the summer months The bigger amusement parks have a considerable incentive to offer the couple special deals on honeymoon suites, meals, and spa packages. On the off chance that you two like having a ton of fun and both of you are adrenaline junkies, this is an awesome choice for your special night. One final bonus is the cooler weather will make standing in line more tolerable and the evenings more romantic as you snuggle up together!

The Northeast 

Many people are deeply moved when encountering the panorama of a Northeast fall forest color palate. The most extraordinary place to see this magnificent show of Mother Nature is in the Northeast. Leaf-sighting tours, trail climbs, and crisp apple orchards offering fresh juice are only a couple of the easily planned details to anticipate when going by the Northeast. There are numerous little towns that have extraordinary shopping and romantic B&Bs, and additionally, there are some amazing bigger urban communities that contain incredible resorts, concerts, and exhibition halls. Numerous nearby homesteads offer pick-your-own farms or fresh maple syrup. The mountains and slopes offer some extraordinary open air climbs and touring vistas. Do not miss out on visiting this part of the USA that shines in the Fall and letting them romance you while you enjoy your honeymoon.

Wineries and Vineyards 

For those who enjoy a great bottle of wine together, the best time for you to plan vineyard tours is actually in the fall. There are countless wine samplings and grape-stepping exercises this time of year. You and your spouse can enjoy strolling through wine country, sharing a bottle of top quality wine, and indulging in beautiful west coast valleys. You will learn in depth more about how the grapes are selected and grown, and furthermore, how wine is made. Specifically, Napa Valley is the pinnacle of wine country and offers excellent views and access to nearby gourmet culinary treats. There are incredible experiences on offer there, including hot-air balloon rides, vineyard visits, spa excursions and fine dining. This is a great option for two newlyweds to experience together, especially after the craziness of wedding planning and the wedding itself. Unwind and relax on the West Coast while still enjoying warmer weather and pleasantly cool evenings.

The Far Far North 

The last wilderness, Alaska, is an extraordinary place to plan to spend your honeymoon and fall offers a fantastic time of year to enjoy this far north state. An odd yet awesome action is to appreciate the Northern Lights. Going by the real urban communities, similar to Anchorage and Fairbanks, can be pleasant, yet to see characteristic marvels, look at Denali National Park. The temperatures have a tendency to be direct and as a rule remain in the 50s for a large portion of the day. Amid September, the days get shorter, so there is the expanding haziness to recall, however that just makes the evenings longer (wink, wink)! Most lodgings offer Northern Lights bundles and still have great housing, as well. Every city in the state offers some awesome exercises also, and the perspectives of the mountains aren't terrible, either.

Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao 

In the event that you and your partner are simply are not yet ready to embrace cooler weather and would like to extend your summer as long as possible, then consider visiting the "ABC" islands of the Caribbean for your sweet post-wedding trip. The weather is outstanding for being flawless all times of the year, including the fall. On the off chance that you want to get away or avoid from the cooler temps, this is the special honeymoon trip for you. Because these islands are excluded from the storm belt, you won't need to stress over hurricanes. These islands have wonderful clear waters, soft sandy shorelines, and extraordinary snorkeling on the coral reef. Enjoy the superb marine life, lively nightlife, and relaxing beach life on these island paradise retreats.

BONUS Europe 

Everybody cherishes Paris in the springtime, it is the stuff of songs, stories, and romances. So what can be superior to that? Paris in the fall! It is not as crowded and rather reasonable for the couple who desires to go abroad. The radiant sights, the historical centers, the patio nurseries, the streetside cafes, the way of life, the nourishment, the wine, and the beautiful language are incredible. Be that as it may, there are many other great places in Europe to visit on your honeymoon trip, including London, Ireland, Athens, Rome, Venice, or Barcelona. Fall may just be the perfect time of year for love birds to tour to their hearts content. You will avoid the closures that accompany Europe in August, the heat the southern countries experience, and the throngs of tourists. You and your partner will still enjoy temperate weather, romantic views, fun festivals, and affordable accommodations. Feel free to explore traveling across the Atlantic for your honeymoon and you will not regret it!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Tungsten - One of the toughest metals - Why might it break?

One of the most frustrating things is to order something claiming to be the toughest metal on earth, and have the ring crack when you drop it on the kitchen tiles. Why does this happen? Is it a poor quality ring? Not necessarily. Tungsten rings can crack or break because the harder a material is, the more brittle it becomes. There is no give in the metal, no space for the metal to bend a little. Tungsten rings are made from one of the hardest metal known to man, it is true. They are nearly impossible to dent, scratch, or bend. However, Tungsten rings can shatter when enough force is applied to them because instead of bending like a softer metal like gold does, tungsten has to break.
Tungsten Rings have now become the metal of choice for many  grooms across America. One of the main reasons men choose tungsten carbide rings is because they are touted as the toughest metal in the world. They resist scratching much better than any other metal out in the marketplace. Many people take this to mean the rings are indestructible. So when a tungsten ring is dropped on a hard surface and it breaks or cracks, they are surprised.
Reputable jewelers who sell tungsten wedding bands will never tell you tungsten rings can’t break or are indestructible. There are similar examples, diamonds are the hardest material on Earth, even harder than tungsten. Nothing can scratch a diamond except another diamond. Many people think this means diamonds are indestructible, but that is not true. Diamonds cannot be scratched, but they can be broken. If you take a hammer to a diamond, it will chip or crack.
Gold is a softer metal and it will bend if dealt with force, not break. It can scratch easily and we can even bend it easily with tools. Some might call this its weakness, but it could be a benefit as well. There is no such thing as a perfect metal. You have to decide, based on your lifestyle, preferences, and budget, what is best for your situation. If you prefer a ring that will not scratch easily when you are working with your hands, then tungsten is a metal that will stand up to hard work. If you want a ring that has some flexibility and give to change in the situation, then gold is the way to go.
How can you protect yourself against accidentally breaking your tungsten ring? Make sure you purchase your tungsten ring from a reputable jeweler like Unique Tungsten Rings that offers a lifetime warranty, which will cover your ring against damage at no cost. Many jewelers know tungsten rings have the possibility of breaking in their lifetime, so we offer a lifetime warranty on all our rings. While we hate to see it happen, we know life throws challenges and sometimes rings will be exposed to situations that will cause them to crack. We will happily replace any ring for the duration of the owner's lifetime, at no charge.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Whimsical Wedding Cake Toppers!

1. One of the easiest ways to take a simple cake from boring white to wedding wow is with edible flowers. 
Small Wedding Cake Ideas | A Practical Wedding

2. Planning a beach wedding,...then make an exception for this. Mussels are the flowers of the sea!

Small Wedding Cake Ideas | A Practical Wedding

3. Sweeten the whole deal and use color coordinated rock candy to bling out your cake and impress the guests!

Small Wedding Cake Ideas | A Practical Wedding

4. Use nature to say what you feel and make a beautiful statement for your centerpiece.

Small Wedding Cake Ideas | A Practical Wedding

5. For those more design orientated, a geometric shape or some sweet "I love you" lettering is just the right touch!

Small Wedding Cake Ideas | A Practical Wedding

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Beautiful Opal Ring!

For those couples craving a more exotic style, the Qudus Tungsten wedding band, fits the bill. This eye-catching ring has a sleek modern design with an exquisite blue-green opal inlay to add to its beauty and style. Made in the 8mm wide Comfort Fit style, this wedding band combines the aspects of comfort and elegance into one beautiful piece of jewelry. 

Unforgettable as a wedding band, this durable ring is made with the highest grade tungsten carbide and contains no cobalt. Decorated with polished beveled edges and laboratory grown blue green opal inlay, the mark of sophistication and color bring out this ring’s attractive design. Tungsten carbide is the best material for those who fear getting scratches on the ring’s surface and it is the strongest metal used in jewelry making. Note that the opal inlay is a softer material and can be scratched. 

All rings offered at come with a free lifetime manufacturer's warranty and lifetime size exchanges.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Teak Wood Inlay - Men's Ring - Tungsten Carbide

The SPIRON ring is made with black ceramic and has an inlay made of Teak wood. Teak wood comes from a tropical tree that produces fragrant flowers and is one of the best woods to use to make outdoor furniture. The reason why it is great for outdoor furniture is because when it is exposed to the sun and elements for a prolonged amount of time it changes rather than deteriorates. Love will always be tested. True love will change but not fall apart under pressure. The Spiron ring is a wonderful representation of true love that will last.
Not only does this ring represent love that will endure, this ring is also durable. Ceramic will not be likely to get scuffed and its color will not fade. The beveled edges make it more comfortable to wear daily. The ring can be engraved to remind the wearer of his or her unbending love. A resizing guarantee and a lifetime warranty come with the ring to make sure that is can be maintained through the years.

Fiery Red Tungsten Rings

Passion is full of fire and wild romance. For some, a marriage is a beginning of a lifetime of that fiery passion that will last forever. For those who are joining in a union full of passion, a wedding band that announces that passion is essential. The NICOLAOS ring has an opal inlay with red and orange colors practically leaping off of the surface. The metal of the ring is a flashy silver color that enhances the fiery opal inlay. This ring is sure to proclaim fiery passion felt by whoever is wearing it.
This ring is made with Tungsten Carbide which is the newest and strongest metal to be used in jewelry. The durability of this metal makes the ring scratch resistant. Please keep in mind, the inlay is less scratch resistant than the metal of the ring. The ring also comes with a lifetime resizing option and a lifetime warranty that will ensure that this ring can be worn through the years. To display fiery passion with a durability that is everlasting, use the NICOLAOS ring.

Men's Emerald Black and Green Carbon Fiber Tungsten Ring
Emerald is the stone that is associated with eyes, the windows to the soul. It is known as the stone of successful love, making it a perfect addition, far more so than a diamond, to any wedding ring. The emerald is said to seek love and reveal truths. It is perfect for those people who always try to find compassion, meaning, harmony and justice. Interestingly, those are four ingredients essential for a successful marriage.

The Acastus black and green carbon fiber inlay men's tungsten ring with emerald setting, therefore, really is the most symbolic of all wedding bands. It is a truly stunning ring that delivers everything you would expect from something that symbolizes successful love. The materials are stronger than any other on this planet, and they will last a couple during not just this lifetime, but even the next. Love, after all, is eternal and this ring will last for all eternity. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Considerations when picking your ring

What does a man want in his ring?
                Some men are not too picky about what kind of ring they will wear and others know down to the details what they want their ring to be about and say about them. Some men are hesitant to even wear and ring and only do so out of obligation. How to go about figuring out how to help your man, who might rarely wear any jewelry, figure out what he would like his ring to be like? Below are some ideas to get you two talking and help narrow down the options so you can find the ring that is perfect for you and will last a lifetime.
                The needs of a man’s ring to hold up to the demands he will place upon it depend somewhat on his lifestyle. It’s worth the consideration of taking into account not just where he works, but what he likes to do on the weekends or what his hobbies include. Is there the possibility of the ring being struck as he works? Of him hitting it against items at work or play? Are you and him ok with some scratches and paying to get them buffed out from time to time like you would have to for silver or gold? Would you rather choose alternative metals that are meant to be scratch resistant and keep their shine?

                Many men will have an interest in a ring that feels solid and slightly heavy on their hand. A ring that can physically match up to their size and stamina. A ring that is made of too lightweight a metal can feel delicate or dainty on a man’s hand and he will not enjoy it. A man’s ring that feels slightly heavy will feel solid and show that it will be able to hold up to whatever he throws at it. It is a worthy topic to consider when looking at ring options.

                Obviously, comfort is most people’s number one priority when finding jewelry that they plan to wear every day for years and years.  You will want to take into consideration the size of your hand, the kinds of rings you are used to wearing, and how you want the ring to fit. Sizing is a huge part of this as some people prefer a snug fit while others prefer wiggle room. It’s important to decide which size is best for you. The rings at our site, are specially fitted with what is called “Comfort Fit” which means that the rings are slightly curved on the inside so that they rest better on the inside of the finger while still sliding easily over the knuckle.

                Most people do not consider the thickness of the ring that they would like til later on in the decision process, but most people do find that they have a strong preference on how large they would like the ring to be on their hand. For larger men, some tend to find that a thicker ring sits better on their hand and tends to match their physical stature more. At the same time, a slighter man might not want to have a 12 mm ring, but be more suited to an 8 mm, which will fit more to the size of his hand.


                The final and of course one of the most important considerations of your ring is what you want it to look like and what you want it to say about you when people see it. Some people want the traditional looking rings that get the job done by standing on your hand proudly and respectfully. Other people have a fun or different side that they want to show with their ring. Some might have a hobby such as wood-working and wish to show off their ring with a wooden inlay. Others might have a military background and want a camo or carbon fiber inlay ring. Some might have a special connection to an important occasion with your partner and wish the ring to reflect that. The beauty of picking your ring is that you get to select the ring that is the uniqueness for you. 

Monday, June 6, 2016

Check out this NEW remarkable and unique Fingerprint Engraved Tungsten Carbide Ring!

Want to truly stand out with your wedding ring and show your love in the most unique and special way possible? Then you are the perfect candidate for the NEW fingerprint engraved ring! This remarkable ring will have your unique fingerprint etched onto the outside of the ring, giving you a ring that only you could have created. By giving this ring to a loved one you are saying that they hold something that only you possess, your fingerprint! The ring is created by carefully and precisely carving part of an image of your fingerprint into the outside of a tungsten ring, one of the most durable metals on earth. Because of the durability of the metal, the fingerprint will not scratch, dent, or wear down as the ring is worn. The finished result will have your fingerprints all over it, pun intended. Check out this unique and special ring option in our store today!

Friday, May 13, 2016

5 Unique and Creative Ideas In Lieu of a Groom’s Cake

As weddings continue to become more flexible and more about the interests of the couple rather than about traditions; fun new ideas about what the groom’s “cake” has to be are changing rapidly. Couples are choosing to forgo the typical chocolate cake in place of entertaining, surprising, and delicious new options. The beauty of having a bride’s cake and a groom’s “cake” mean that the couple can keep with the tradition of having wedding cake, which is always anticipated at a wedding, but can also feel free to substitute the groom’s cake for something more in line with the couple’s personal tastes. Below are 5 unique ideas of groom’s desserts that are springing up at weddings around the country this year.

1.       Ice Cream
One of the most popular alternatives to cake is everyone’s favorite…ice cream! There are so many ways ice cream can be used for a wedding reception, including ice cream Sundays, ice cream floats, ice cream bars, ice cream sandwiches, etc… The options are endless, and they provide a cute way to include the groom in the reception, and with all the options of flavors or colors of ice cream, it is easy to incorporate it into your theme. It blends easily into all types of receptions, from the most traditional and classic to the most creative and unique.
2.       Pies
Nothing says rustic country wedding quite like a slice of warm apple pie! A pie counter would really enhance your wedding by adding a touch of that good ol' fashion cooking that makes you feel completely at home. Pies are having their moment in the spotlight and are such a popular dessert right now. For the groom who prefers pies to cakes, this is the perfect set-up for a wedding! Guests love the choose-your-own option of mini pies in an assortment of flavors (even better with a sweet little flag or as a picture). Add small take-home boxes and pie slices make wonderful favors, as well!
3.       Candy Bar
Candy counters/bars are a sure way to bring a smile to your wedding guests' faces! They add sweetness and color to your event, as well as a bright and cheery dynamic that is sure to take everyone back to their memorable childhood days. This is a popular trend with young brides, especially in lieu of a groom's cake as a fun way to mix up their reception. This also works well to tie into your décor/theme as you can select candy by color, type, shape, or era. Add a cute monogrammed container and guests can take home their favorite candy as a favor!
4.       Cookies
Who can resist a warm chocolate chip cookie? Not most of your wedding guests! For the groom who has a special spot for cookies, these make a delicious and inviting way to end the event. Besides the beautiful way that cookies can be used as a favor, either iced or packaged with wedding themed boxes, they are also an amazing compliment to wedding cake. Some couples find fun ways to serve them, including serving them warm with milk in shot glasses or as a cookie sandwich featuring ice cream or icing!
5.       Donuts
This is one of those yummy guilty pleasures that your groom and wedding guests are sure to devour! From classic glazed to artisanal flavors created just for your special day, these are not only delicious but sure to add a beautiful pop of fun to your wedding. Display the donuts on a cake stand or work them into a fun tower that is special to the groom. Either way, they are sure to be a crowd-pleaser!

*Bonus Idea: Chocolate Fountain

Chocolate fountains are a great way to spice up the traditional chocolate treat that is usually offered in the groom’s cake. It offers great guest interaction and customization as they get to choose the salty or sweet, healthy or decadent treats they prefer to dip into the melted chocolate. Chocolate fountains can be added to an elegant table with lovely displays for the dipping items to suit any reception decor. Or can be served individually with each guest getting a selection of items to dip and a fountain in their vicinity.