Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Creating and Using Your DYI Wedding Photobooth

If you are on a budget, but still would like to include a fun photo opportunity for your wedding guests, then a DYI photobooth is a great option. One of the easiest and most popular props is a giant Polaroid picture frame. For this simple idea, all you need is a large sturdy white piece of cardboard, a ruler, and a good exacto knife.  You will want to measure and cut the picture frame to the similar on the top and sides with extra room left at the bottom. Feel free to add a cute label to the bottom of the polaroid frame, such as the date and the name of the wedding party.
Backdrops are easy and fun ideas that work well for photobooths if you’re looking for simple shots of people. Soft lighting, such as white Christmas lights, are flattering to shoot and add a touch of romantic light to the shots. Textured fabrics are another option that brides have at their disposal to use. Think of fabrics such as lace, tulle, or satin. These add elements of depth and can help incorporate the wedding d├ęcor and theme into the photobooth pictures. An element that will add pop and help frame the photobooth would be to hang decorations just above people’s heads. If you are indoors, this is as simple as hanging a few lights, decorations, or ornaments from the ceiling and making sure they will be seen in the photo. If you are outdoors, you may have the option of hanging decorations from a tree branch or door frame.

For brides wishing to have photos with their guests, the photobooth is an ideal option to offer and makes a sweet photo opportunity even sweeter if including the bride and groom. Since you have gone to the effort of creating a fun photobooth, announce to the guests that you will be present at the photobooth area for a time and willing to take pictures with your guests. This gives you a chance to get pictures and visit briefly with your guests and have your fun backdrop included in those photos. Be sure to check with your wedding photographer if they will be willing or able to include this in their photos for you. Your guests will be able to keep a photo memory of your special day with you included in their picture!