Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Summer 2016 Hot Jewelry Trends

After seasons of larger-than-life statement trinkets, consumers are downsizing this summer, with pretty rose gold pieces, layers of thin rings, and skinny cuffs. Though tiny in size, these accessories make just as much of an impact. Read on to see what the runway trends are for this summer!

Black and white. With shiny black stones being used everywhere this summer, the classic color combination will live on in Art Deco–inspired jewelry with silver or white gold accents.
Earring studs. Studs have shaped up to be a summer fave! Wearing studs solo offers wide versatility. Easy to mix and match, studs are available across a wide range of styles and shapes.
Chokers. These are a holdover from last year, thanks to their appearance on celebrities this February and an abundance of spring 2016 styles—think knits to lightweight denim—that demand a statement piece around the wearers neck.
Gold layering pieces. The price of gold is luring more artists away from silver and back to the warmer metal. There are some looks—delicate inlay rings and dainty pendant necklaces—that just translate better in gold, and when prices are more reasonable, who wouldn’t prefer to make a layered statement in a richer metal?
Asymmetry. From mismatched earrings to trails of tiny stones to modern stacking styles, asymmetry is topping the charts as jewelry’s coolest trend. Asymmetrical looks appeal to super-creative wearers who love the use of minimalist materials.
Ethically sourced materials. Thanks to the patience of artists and individuals who care about everyone in the pipeline, ethically sourced looks will continue to become a priority. Non-traditional metals are making more of an entrance to the fine jewelry market with metals such as tungsten and titanium current favorites. More designers are getting involved through uses of recycled metals and ethically obtained stones, and jewelry stores can do the same.

Stacking rings. These are an easy and cost-effective gift, especially considering the range of cute styles available in many styles. They are fun to stack and build up bigger statements when matched with casual weekend wear.