Friday, May 13, 2016

5 Unique and Creative Ideas In Lieu of a Groom’s Cake

As weddings continue to become more flexible and more about the interests of the couple rather than about traditions; fun new ideas about what the groom’s “cake” has to be are changing rapidly. Couples are choosing to forgo the typical chocolate cake in place of entertaining, surprising, and delicious new options. The beauty of having a bride’s cake and a groom’s “cake” mean that the couple can keep with the tradition of having wedding cake, which is always anticipated at a wedding, but can also feel free to substitute the groom’s cake for something more in line with the couple’s personal tastes. Below are 5 unique ideas of groom’s desserts that are springing up at weddings around the country this year.

1.       Ice Cream
One of the most popular alternatives to cake is everyone’s favorite…ice cream! There are so many ways ice cream can be used for a wedding reception, including ice cream Sundays, ice cream floats, ice cream bars, ice cream sandwiches, etc… The options are endless, and they provide a cute way to include the groom in the reception, and with all the options of flavors or colors of ice cream, it is easy to incorporate it into your theme. It blends easily into all types of receptions, from the most traditional and classic to the most creative and unique.
2.       Pies
Nothing says rustic country wedding quite like a slice of warm apple pie! A pie counter would really enhance your wedding by adding a touch of that good ol' fashion cooking that makes you feel completely at home. Pies are having their moment in the spotlight and are such a popular dessert right now. For the groom who prefers pies to cakes, this is the perfect set-up for a wedding! Guests love the choose-your-own option of mini pies in an assortment of flavors (even better with a sweet little flag or as a picture). Add small take-home boxes and pie slices make wonderful favors, as well!
3.       Candy Bar
Candy counters/bars are a sure way to bring a smile to your wedding guests' faces! They add sweetness and color to your event, as well as a bright and cheery dynamic that is sure to take everyone back to their memorable childhood days. This is a popular trend with young brides, especially in lieu of a groom's cake as a fun way to mix up their reception. This also works well to tie into your d├ęcor/theme as you can select candy by color, type, shape, or era. Add a cute monogrammed container and guests can take home their favorite candy as a favor!
4.       Cookies
Who can resist a warm chocolate chip cookie? Not most of your wedding guests! For the groom who has a special spot for cookies, these make a delicious and inviting way to end the event. Besides the beautiful way that cookies can be used as a favor, either iced or packaged with wedding themed boxes, they are also an amazing compliment to wedding cake. Some couples find fun ways to serve them, including serving them warm with milk in shot glasses or as a cookie sandwich featuring ice cream or icing!
5.       Donuts
This is one of those yummy guilty pleasures that your groom and wedding guests are sure to devour! From classic glazed to artisanal flavors created just for your special day, these are not only delicious but sure to add a beautiful pop of fun to your wedding. Display the donuts on a cake stand or work them into a fun tower that is special to the groom. Either way, they are sure to be a crowd-pleaser!

*Bonus Idea: Chocolate Fountain

Chocolate fountains are a great way to spice up the traditional chocolate treat that is usually offered in the groom’s cake. It offers great guest interaction and customization as they get to choose the salty or sweet, healthy or decadent treats they prefer to dip into the melted chocolate. Chocolate fountains can be added to an elegant table with lovely displays for the dipping items to suit any reception decor. Or can be served individually with each guest getting a selection of items to dip and a fountain in their vicinity.