Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Considerations when picking your ring

What does a man want in his ring?
                Some men are not too picky about what kind of ring they will wear and others know down to the details what they want their ring to be about and say about them. Some men are hesitant to even wear and ring and only do so out of obligation. How to go about figuring out how to help your man, who might rarely wear any jewelry, figure out what he would like his ring to be like? Below are some ideas to get you two talking and help narrow down the options so you can find the ring that is perfect for you and will last a lifetime.
                The needs of a man’s ring to hold up to the demands he will place upon it depend somewhat on his lifestyle. It’s worth the consideration of taking into account not just where he works, but what he likes to do on the weekends or what his hobbies include. Is there the possibility of the ring being struck as he works? Of him hitting it against items at work or play? Are you and him ok with some scratches and paying to get them buffed out from time to time like you would have to for silver or gold? Would you rather choose alternative metals that are meant to be scratch resistant and keep their shine?

                Many men will have an interest in a ring that feels solid and slightly heavy on their hand. A ring that can physically match up to their size and stamina. A ring that is made of too lightweight a metal can feel delicate or dainty on a man’s hand and he will not enjoy it. A man’s ring that feels slightly heavy will feel solid and show that it will be able to hold up to whatever he throws at it. It is a worthy topic to consider when looking at ring options.

                Obviously, comfort is most people’s number one priority when finding jewelry that they plan to wear every day for years and years.  You will want to take into consideration the size of your hand, the kinds of rings you are used to wearing, and how you want the ring to fit. Sizing is a huge part of this as some people prefer a snug fit while others prefer wiggle room. It’s important to decide which size is best for you. The rings at our site, are specially fitted with what is called “Comfort Fit” which means that the rings are slightly curved on the inside so that they rest better on the inside of the finger while still sliding easily over the knuckle.

                Most people do not consider the thickness of the ring that they would like til later on in the decision process, but most people do find that they have a strong preference on how large they would like the ring to be on their hand. For larger men, some tend to find that a thicker ring sits better on their hand and tends to match their physical stature more. At the same time, a slighter man might not want to have a 12 mm ring, but be more suited to an 8 mm, which will fit more to the size of his hand.


                The final and of course one of the most important considerations of your ring is what you want it to look like and what you want it to say about you when people see it. Some people want the traditional looking rings that get the job done by standing on your hand proudly and respectfully. Other people have a fun or different side that they want to show with their ring. Some might have a hobby such as wood-working and wish to show off their ring with a wooden inlay. Others might have a military background and want a camo or carbon fiber inlay ring. Some might have a special connection to an important occasion with your partner and wish the ring to reflect that. The beauty of picking your ring is that you get to select the ring that is the uniqueness for you. 

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